Before submitting a troubleshooting/warranty inquiry, first try performing a factory reset.
First, make sure the battery is inserted correctly, the battery door is latched, and the security tape is removed:
  • Open the battery compartment, remove the security tape, and make sure the battery door is fully closed
  • The video below shows how to properly insert/change the battery and ensure the door is fully closed. The battery latch sometimes requires force to close. You can use the pick tool to move the latch if you are having difficulty.

Then, make sure all connections and hinges are cleaned:

To clean your DaVinci vaporizer, you will need a cloth and 91% Isopropyl Alcohol or alcohol wipes and cotton swabs.
  • Remove the battery and clean the negative side
  • Wipe the battery door and the underside of the battery door (the negative side)
  • With a cotton swab and alcohol, clean the battery door hinge. Move the door back and forth in a open/close motion for 15-30 seconds to work the alcohol between the hinge and hinge pin. Repeat this step a few times.
Do lights display during charging?

  • Power Source
    Try a different power source, like a computer’s USB port or a different wall adapter.
  • Correct Cord
    Confirm you are using a USB-A/USB-C charging cable. Regular USB-C/USB-C charging cables are not compatible with our vaporizers.
  • Battery Connection
    If the terminal at the bottom of the battery compartment becomes compressed, it causes a gap between the battery and its connectors. Using a needle nose tweezers, lift the terminal about 1mm-2mm. Then put the battery back in to see if it shows a charge.
  • Test the Device
    When battery has zero charge, the icon will not display. Remove the battery, leaving the top lid and door open. Then plug in the charging cable. The unit should quickly flash an empty battery icon and then turn off. With the cable still connected, press each button and the lights should illuminate.
  • Test the Battery
    With the battery installed, plug the charging cable into the device. Even if the charging icon does not display, keep the cable connected for 60-90 minutes. Then unplug the cable, wait 10 seconds, and plug it back in.

  • Debris may be blocking the light holes. Make sure the device is turned on. Using a bristle brush or toothbrush, gently tap the pinholes to remove built up debris.
  • Then, wipe the pinholes with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol and a cotton swab.
  • If the situation persists, please submit a troubleshooting/warranty form:


Vapor is less dense than smoke, so you won't see as much when you exhale. This is especially true during the first few draws. The goal is for the body to absorb the majority of it. Generally, if the material is changing color and you taste the vapor, it is working. Follow the steps below to confirm your device is charged and cleaned. Then review the recommended packing and drawing methods to ensure a steady flow of vapor!
Confirm the device is fully charged. New batteries need to charge 8 full hours or they may not work to full capacity.
Clean all areas of the device. Daily maintenance is the key to preventing clogs and reduced vapor production.
Herb Grind and Fill
If the battery is fully charged and all connection points and airways are clean, the method of herb grinding and filling is the final step to ensure great vapor production.
  • Herb Grind
    Medium grind works best. Anything too fine will not produce vapor.
  • Herb Type
    Different herbs produce different amounts of vapor, including different strains of the same herb.
  • Oven Fullness
    Fill to the top, but not past the white oven line.
  • Oven Density
    Pack the herb semi-loosely and gently tap it down with a fingertip.
  • Vaping Temperature
    Different herbs require different temperatures. For the best vapor quality, start at 380° fahrenheit and increase from there.
Heat and Draw
Heat the device to the desired temperature, wait 15 seconds, and take a slow draw. This compares to blowing air on a flame: too much will blow it out, but a steady stream maintains it.
  • Mouthpiece Notes
    With the flat mouthpiece, make sure the silicone gasket is not upside-down. This is a common mistake. If using the extended mouthpiece without success, remove it and test with the flat mouthpiece first. The airpath holes will regulate the draw.
  • Ascent or IQ Series
    Glass spacers can be used in the oven to increase vapor production.

  • Sticky material with a higher moisture content requires more heat and produces less vapor. It is helpful to stir it midway through the session with the metal pick.


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How to Clean the IQ2 Vaporizer

IQ2 - Air Dial
From the bottom, place alcohol directly on the dial and work it clockwise and counterclockwise to help loosen the dial and work the alcohol in between the spaces of the dial.