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Quick comparison of the best features

Quick comparison of the best features
Dosage metering
App Enabled
Full-charge time

6 Hrs.

2 Hrs.

3 - 5 Hrs.

Battery (MAH)




Battery Charging


Type C


Body Shell Brushed Sandblasted Sandblasted
Lid Brushed Polymer Sandblasted





25 x 45 x 92 mm

25 x 45 x 92 mm

23 x 34 x 80 mm

Oven capacity





5.6 Oz

5.3 Oz

3.5 Oz


10 Yrs.

5 Yrs.

2 Yrs.

Compatible with





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Portable Vaporizer FAQs

What is a Premium Portable Vaporizer?

Our IQ2, IQC, and MIQRO vaporizers are ideal for those who utilize dry herb plants and essential oils in the practice of aromatherapy. Handheld vaporizers use temperature control in the form of a conduction oven to heat herb matter, concentrates, or oils to an exact temperature. Each portable vaporizer can be charged with a USB charger or with rechargeable batteries. To use your vaporizer throughout the day, take a charger with you to prolong the battery life. With a portable vaporizer, you can have a cleaner, tastier, and healthier vape experience.

Our portable vaporizers are also compatible with dab wax and THC oil, further expanding your options and personal vape experience. Since different substances contain varying strengths of THC, check the strength of the material, and adjust the heating setting accordingly. You’ll be able to enjoy your concentrates and dry herb any way you like with one of our vapes. Using a vape pen is the way forward for the modern cannabis consumer. The vaporizer is easy to use, and extremely portable, making THC use convenient while also reducing its strong odor. The Davinci Vape line is also one of the most advanced and forward-thinking set of vape devices available.

What is Clean First™ Technology?

Clean First™ Technology comes with each Davinci Vaporizer device. We design our portable vaporizers with pure material science; meaning we take advantage of medical-grade parts within our vaporizers so you can place confidence in the fact that the vapor you’re inhaling will be free of any impurities such as harmful metals or toxins. Our airtight glass and ceramic air path on the vaporizer lend towards our mission to create the safest and best vaporizers on the market.

Many vape users worry about inhaling vapor into their lungs. Unlike smoke, vapor does not consist of the possibly dangerous materials which come from burning. Vapor is much cleaner than smoke, because it eliminates the burning inhale that leads to intense coughing. The vaporizer oven will heat up the dry herb and activate the THC, without burning the dry herb. Vapor, when compared to smoke, is much more gentle on your lungs and takes away some of the dangers of smoking, such as the risk of heated debris entering your respiratory system

What is Smart Path™ Technology™?

Smart Paths™ is available with our IQ Series and the MIQRO vaporizer. Smart Paths™ allows you to precisely control your vaporizer device's temperature range. You can easily utilize Smart Paths™ on your Davinci vaporizer or with our app. The vape vibrates when it reaches the optimal temperature, and you can customize it to your preferences. Being able to adjust the temperature on your portable vaporizer means you can sit back and enjoy your stock the way you like it.

What is On-Device Dosage?

On-Device Dosage is one of our patented vape technologies only available on our IQ2 vaporizer. It allows you to pick the heat of your dry herb or concentrates based on the amount you load into the portable vaporizer heating chamber. How it works is you will turn on the vaporizer by clicking the power button 5 times. Once the vaporizer is on, click the power button twice. You have arrived at On-Device Dosage! First, you will have the option to select a new bowl, 2nd bowl, 3rd bowl, etc. Next push the power button once to select the THC percentage the strain loaded tested for, push the button again, and select the CBD percentage. Almost done! Push the power button once more to select the bowl size. The vaporizer will heat up to the perfect temperature based on the information you input and vibrate when it is ready. Take a pull of vapor and your vaporizer will immediately present the MG of THC and CBD you just received from that single dose. Utilize our app to truly personalize your vape experience. With our highly advanced vapes, you have a wide variety of options, and you will never waste your weed again. Using portable vaporizers optimizes your overall experience with THC.

What is Boost Mode for Portable Vaporizers?

Boost Mode is available on our IQ2, IQC, and MIQRO dry herb vaporizers and was designed for those that want to make sure they are able to receive all the cannabinoids and terpenes from the loaded dry herb. Once you are towards the end of your vape session, hold the power button down - the vaporizer will immediately go into Boost Mode and will be indicated via the upward arrows moving on the LED display. The vaporizer will heat up to its hottest temperature. Upon releasing the power button, the vaporizer will begin cooling down and will indicate this to you via the downward arrows moving on the LED display. You can rest assured that you will leave your session with the most fulfilling effects thanks to Boost Mode.

What is Precision Temperature on a Portable Vaporizer?

If you’re on the go, precision temperature is ideal, and it’s available with our IQ series and MIQRO portable vaporizers. Simply choose your preferred temperature; the vape device will heat up accordingly and vibrate when it is ready. No need to push any buttons, simply take a pull of your herb, oil, or dab vapor, and enjoy. Because you can choose the specific temperature you desire, precision temperature is supreme for targeting terpenes and cannabinoids that vaporize off at different temperatures. With this feature, you’ll be able to enjoy an assortment of herbs depending on your preferred temperature setting, which you can easily change at any time. Portable vaporizers with precision temperature allow you to experiment with different materials and temperatures all in one vape.

What is Zirconia Vapor Path?

Zirconia vapor path is within our IQ2 and MIQRO vaporizers. Its main job is to cool your vapor as it is rising up from the oven cartridge - creating the most pleasant vaporizing experience possible! Our portable vape devices provide a 50% cooler vapor experience than any other vaporizer product on the market. Our heating ovens can go up to 430°, yet when the vapor reaches the lungs it cools down to 154°. Having a cooler inhale means you can sit back, and relax on the high more easily, as it is less likely to irritate your lungs. Rest assured, the cooling system will not take away any of the effects of your heated product. You will get consistent strength at a more enjoyable temperature.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses volatile plant materials, known as essential oils, and other dry aromatic compounds for the purpose of providing better health and improved quality of life. Add your favorite herbs, fruit rinds, or essential oils that are safe to vaporize into the vapor path flavor chamber of the MIQRO or IQ2 vaporizer. The contents of the flavor chamber will not receive direct heat; instead, the heat will radiate from the separate ceramic oven below that you load your cannabis flower into. The aromas from cannabis herb have been shown to have positive effects on people with conditions such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, and even Parkinson’s disease. There are several benefits of using cannabis, and vaping THC is a healthy, quick, and fun way of using it.

What is a Portable Conduction Vaporizer?

Both our IQ2 and MIQRO portable vaporizers utilize conduction radiation. This allows the thermal energy to radiate to the center of the oven through direct contact. Densely packing your dry herb or other material (such as dabs) so it touches the walls of the oven or dosage pod will result in the best overall vape experience. Most vaporizers are completed with a convection oven that does not make contact with the loaded dry herb matter. Convection ovens heat the air, which is then forced around and through the plant matter. One of the reasons we chose to take advantage of the conduction oven method in our vaporizers is because the heat source will make direct contact with your loaded herb - which means it will heat up faster than a convection oven. You’ll be ready to vape in no time thanks to our vaporizers being thoughtfully designed this way!</

What is the battery charging method?

Our IQ2 and MIQRO vaporizers are suited with an interchangeable battery plus a charging port. Charging your vaporizer via the charging port will take about 3 hours. We offer a 4 slot digital charger that charges the batteries in roughly 2 hours. Our battery charging method offers an extended battery life to your portable vaporizers. Simply take your charger or a set of spare batteries wherever you go, and enjoy your vape all day. The IQC vaporizer also has the capability to reverse charge your phone with its durable battery life.

What do customer reviews say about our portable vaporizers?

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