DaVinci IQ - So This Is What Premium Feels Like


If you have been seeing a lot of vape-related news and stories in your newsfeed that’s simply because the market is slowly opening up.

Cannabis indeed is, if not already, a mainstream thing and there are several tech popping out to cater to that demand.

TheCannabist.co says good things about our brand and we quote:;

Each model offers its own unique trade-offs, and DaVinci’s IQ brings an embarrassment of riches to vape consumers — riches such as a fully featured app, extremely good build quality and top-notch performance. If you’ve got money (or a cheap vape) burning a hole in your pocket, the IQ is a truly unique device that’s got a lot to offer any cannabis user.

Now you will see several tech products revolving around what the cannabis community are looking for. Always be on the lookout to know what best fits your needs.

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