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Davinci MIQRO-C

Davinci MIQRO-C

DaVinci MIQRO-C Vaporizer:

With its removable battery, USB-C rapid charging port, and easy-to-use Smart Paths™ temperature settings, the MIQRO-C is the perfect compact vaporizer for a quick micro-dose session.

MIQRO-C Dry Herb Vaporizer Features:

  • Dry Herb & Concentrate Compatible*
  • Type C Charging
  • Removable / Rechargeable 18350 battery
  • 5-year warranty

The Details:

  • 4 Preset Smart Paths™
  • Built-in Zirconia Insulative Spacer
  • 30 minute run time
  • 39 second heat up time

MIQRO-C Includes: USB Type-C Cable, 10mm Silicone Adapter, Cleaning Tools, Alcohol Swabs, User Manual

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Alumina Ceramic, glass lined oven boasts +/= 1-degree temperature accuracy for optimal heating of your dry herb or concentrate. Heats in 39 seconds.


Easy to use, guided experience with 4 path options. The temperature gradually increases 20 degrees over each 5 minute session.


No plastics or metals are used in our sealed zirconia/glass vapor path providing purity to the connoisseur.


Featuring a 18350, 900 Mah battery, with up to a 30 minute run time. Removable and rechargeable. Equipped with passthrough charging.


Charge the MIQRO-C vaporizer in as little as 90 minutes. Compatible with any USB-A to USB-C charging cables. Plug one end of the charger into your phone and the other end into your vape pen. In a short amount of time, your vaporizer will have your phone fully charged.


Reduce the 0.3g oven by up to 50%, accommodating small loads, by twisting insulative zirconia spacer counterclockwise.

Small Yet Mighty

The MIQRO-C remains to be the world’s smallest dual use vaporizer built with Clean First (R) Technology. MIQRO-C dimensions are 23 x 34 x 80mm, weighing only 87g.

Clean Tech

Utilizing advanced material science to select only the cleanest available componentry in our vaporizers. No metals or plastics are used in our sealed glass a vaporpath providing our customer the highest purity.

Easy to Use, Easy to Clean

Our simplest device yet. Single button operation and guided smart paths make this a great device for connoisseurs and novices alike.

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DaVinci vaporizers are designed to be simple and easy to use. The hybrid vaporizer has a heating oven that will heat your dry herb to your ideal temperature and provide you with the best vaping experience possible. To use the IQC cannabis vaporizer, simply open the bottom lid where the heating oven resides and place the dry herb or other vaping material inside. Once the conduction oven and lid are closed, click the vaporizer power button five times. You can also change the vaporizer heat by using the navigation buttons. The heating control on the vaporizer allows you to heat your dry cannabis herb with precision. The vaporizer will vibrate once it reaches the designated heat. Along with dry herbs, you can place dab units into the conduction oven. Since the THC concentrate is much stronger in dabs, be mindful to take smaller hits when you inhale marijuana or any other type of dry herb smoking blend. It’s also good to always remember to use fresh wax, and to clean any extra used dry herb or leftover resin from your vape pen to keep it from getting clogged. A clogged vaporizer can prevent the vaporization process and negatively impact your vaping experience. Taking proper care of your vaporizer will help ensure that you have the best experience vaping both dry herb and cannabis concentrates. Cannabis oil is also compatible with our vapes; simply place the oil in the glass-lined ceramic oven, and enjoy a fresh, cleaner sensation when vaporizing. THC oil varies in potency, so check the strength of the oil before inhaling to estimate your correct dosage.


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