Labor Day Weekend Adventures


Labor Day, which is celebrated on the first Monday of September, was originally meant to recognize the strengths of various labor associations as well as their contributions to the economy of the United States. These days, however, the Labor Day weekend is seen as the official mark of the end of summer and the last chance for people to enjoy outdoor events and other summer activities. For students, it is the perfect time for a last hurrah of parties before school opens once again. It also marks the beginning of football season.

Whatever Labor Day might mean to people, one thing’s for sure: Most of us took advantage of the three-day weekend and had the time of our lives! Here are some of the Labor Day weekend adventures shared to us by our friends:

Electric Zoo Festival

“I’ve been going to this day-glo rave ever since it started six years ago, and I have never regretted it. Four stages, the best DJs, and electrifying music for THREE DAYS! What more could you ask for? But beyond the electronic music, the exhilarating dance moves, and the dynamic crowd, what really got me going at the Electric Zoo Festival was my trusty Ascent. I took it out, filled the chamber with my special ‘energy’ blend, and just puffed the night (or should I say, NIGHTS) away! The more I puffed, the more electrified I felt. I was surprised several people there had Ascents. Well, yeah! My Labor Day weekend was awesome!” - Nancy P.


Electrified at the Electric Zoo Festival. photo by Roman Fuchs

Midnight Summer Party Cruise

“The best part of my Labor Day weekend this year was the party cruise we went on. It was Saturday night, the stars were out, and the views along the San Francisco Bay were amazing! Two DJs played beautiful music as we cruised past the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, and Alcatraz. With such a setting and three (yes, THREE!) fully-stocked bars, you can imagine just how relaxing the cruise was. And the night became even more wonderful when I filled my Ascent with my favorite blend, sat back, and enjoyed every puff I took.” - Remi T.

Labor Day Capitol Concert

“I was with a group of friends during the Labor Day weekend. We decided to go to the annual concert at the Capitol. We knew the concert would last for hours and we were prepared to have a truly relaxing time listening to the beautiful music of the National Symphony Orchestra, so we packed a picnic basket and went off to have a good time. Of course, I made sure I had my DaVinci vaporizer with me. Being out with friends is always a good time to have a puff, right?  It made my Sunday even more wonderful than I had expected it to be.” - Carlo Y.

West Indian-American Day Carnival and Parade

“I have heard of the West Indian-American Day Carnival and Parade several times before, and I have always wanted to witness it. This year, I finally got the chance. And boy, was I glad I grabbed the opportunity! The New Yorker friend who invited me insisted that we participate in the J’ouvert instead of simply witnessing the parade, so I can truly appreciate how much fun the festival is. And so we did.

J’ouvert is a French word that means “daybreak” and the pre-parade activity is called such because it literally begins before dawn. Now, I’m not fond of waking up that early, so I didn’t really expect to have much fun at that party. But after taking a few puffs from my portable DaVinci vape, I began to feel energized and ready to party the whole day. By the time the revelers started throwing powdered paint at each other, I was giving as good as I got. What a weekend that was!” - Chris H.

Mass Brewers Fest and Battle of the Barges


If you had the opportunity to sample over a hundred kinds of beer, wouldn’t you grab it? photo by QuinnDombrowsky

“The highlight of my Labor Day weekend didn’t really happen on Labor Day, but on the Friday and Saturday nights before Labor Day. On Friday night, my drinking buds and I went to the Annual Mass Brewers Fest. While we sampled over a hundred beers from various breweries, we were also sharing a puff on my Ascent vaporizer. Maybe it’s just me, but my favorite blend seems to make the beer taste better (regardless of what beer we were currently sampling). What’s for sure is that the vaping made our Brewers Fest experience a lot more enjoyable.

On Saturday night, I was with another set of friends and we went to Long Wharf to witness the Battle of the Barges. The music show and the fireworks were definitely a sight to behold. And I may have been with a different set of people, and we may have been enjoying a totally different kind of event, but my Friday and Saturday nights had one thing in common: They were made even better by my vaping device - the Ascent. Having a puff while enjoying fireworks and a music show was a Saturday night treat like no other. I hope you guys had as wonderful a weekend as I did.” - Anna R.

Wow! It definitely seems like a lot of people had a blast during the long Labor Day weekend. And we are very happy to note that DaVinci has somehow contributed to making their holiday weekend perfect. The things to do, events to witness, and places to go during the Labor Day weekend vary widely, so it comes as no surprise that different people found different ways to celebrate. How about you? How did you celebrate your Labor Day weekend?

We are always happy to hear about how we have managed to contribute to improving the quality of our patrons’ lives. Feel free to share your own story with us in Facebook, even if it isn’t about how you celebrated Labor Day. Go ahead and share your Labor Day experiences on the comments below. Happy vaping, everyone!

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