Cannabis Benefits – The Newest Health Trend?


As Cannabis is becoming more and more widely accepted, people new to the herb may not know just how to go about consuming it and what the differences are in the various methods. 

There are so many different ways that Cannabis can be utilized, but what is the healthiest

The answer may not be as straightforward as you think. Allow us to go over a few of our favorites below.

One of the more well-known methods of Cannabis consumption outside of smoking or vaping, edibles have remained steady in increasing popularity throughout the years. 1

For chronic pain sufferers, edibles can also provide longer lasting relief, making them a good option for patients.

Cannabis infused cookies - Edibles

However, you will sometimes want a break from high-calorie, Cannabis-infused cookies. For the more health conscious of you out there, go ahead and try purchasing Cannabis-infused granola mixes made with dried fruits and kosher salts. 

All that you have to do is sprinkle this on your morning yogurt, bake some homemade granola bars or even mix it into a salad for a healthy boost. 

Another thing you can do is to also look for edibles companies that value healthy choices, like Julie’s Natural Edibles

With legalization on the rise, there are more options to select from as a consumer, meaning you aren’t stuck with the traditional brownies.

And, for the braver of you out there, you can even try whipping up your own edibles. This gives you the opportunity to select the ingredients you feel most comfortable with and for what you desired result may be. Start with a recipe you love and substitute the fat (in this case, usually butter) with Cannabutter. If you do this, you will know exactly what is in your next snack and you can also cater to any dietary restrictions you may have, whether you need gluten- or dairy-free, etc.

Another healthy method of consuming cannabis that has been around since the mid 90’s and has now seen a revivification of sorts is tinctures. 

This involves the extraction of the good qualities of cannabis using alcohol and whole cannabis plants, in this case usually the flowers and trim leaves. The resulting extracted liquid, referred to as tincture, is ingested orally, usually with several drops of the liquid placed under the tongue. 

In this way, it is rapidly absorbed into the arterial system and its effects are felt quickly. Tinctures can alternatively be mixed into teas or other beverages, but the absorption is slowed as it occurs in the GI tract. See how to make an ABV tincture on the video below.If you are not fond of the taste, you may instead be interested in trying a cannabis-infused honey tincture in your morning coffee or tea. Alternatively, you can dilute the potent liquid in water or juice. Because of how these tinctures are prepared, they tend to have limited psychoactive effects while delivering therapeutic results, making it a great way to start your day.

Speaking of tea, Cannabis tea is the perfect remedy from a long day of work where all you want to do is sit down, watch TV and relax without encountering the negative effects that come with smoke inhalation. 

Extraction methods can be quite complicated, however, so we suggest you follow the easiest method available to make yourself a cup. 

If you are seeking a faster option, consider dissolving Cannabutter into your tea or even coffee. You can make this butter/marijuana combo yourself by heating the herbal cannabis or resin along with butter on your stovetop, ensuring that no other chemicals are added to your concoction.

Of course, if you are not wanting to have a full on high and just want a warm cup, you can also steep your herbs in hot water as you would normal tea leaves. This method ensures that no THC is extracted from the herb and you are only left with a drink that has little to no psychoactive effects.

There is also another healthy method that involves Cannabis in liquid form: juicing. For the health-conscious cannabis consumer, the recent trend of juicing presents a completely new way to enjoy the benefits of marijuana without having to deal with some potentially undesirable side effects. See the video from on how he juices Cannabis.

By blending up raw, fresh Cannabis leaves with vegetable juice or fruit juice, you can enjoy a healthy and delicious treat without worrying about the smoke associated with traditional Cannabis consumption. In addition, juicing your Cannabis means you are avoiding the THC that is released when marijuana is heated, allowing you to enjoy the flavor of the flower without the high feeling.

Now, for those of you out there who love skin care, you can rejoice in the following fact we have for you today. 

There exist topicals, or cannabis-infused balms or creams, that are used primarily for localized pain relief as well as skin care! Unlike traditional methods of Cannabis consumption, topicals do not produce the high effect in those who use them. 

Instead, you will receive the therapeutic benefits of Cannabis directly through your skin without having to worry about damaging your lungs or consuming too high of a dose. The chemical compounds found in Cannabis can affect CB1 and CB2 receptors located in hair follicles, sweat glands and nerve fiber bundles, giving topicals direct access without affecting the bloodstream or the brain.

Some modern treatment uses for topicals include treatment of burns, skin elasticity improvement and even cancer treatment. Beyond more clinical uses, these THC-rich ointments are also being used to alleviate muscle soreness and inflammation in athletes, widening the spectrum of users of Cannabis products. 

This leads us to our most favorite healthy method of Cannabis consumption here at DAVINCI: Vaping! 

Although vaping technology is still relatively new compared to traditional methods of Cannabis consumption, vaporizers appeal to the health-conscious consumer by allowing you to choose the temperature in which you essentially “cook” your Cannabis. 

These temperatures allow you to enjoy specific components of the herb while avoiding toxins that are released if you burn it. 

This method of Cannabis consumption is 100% calorie and sugar-free, and it is even said that vaping your Cannabis is also said to can eliminate up to 95 percent of smoke produced during combustion, protecting the lungs from the irritation that can lead to respiratory issues.

Our devices can vaporize Cannabis oil and/or dry herbs depending on your device, and each of these has its own particular benefits. 

Oils are extremely potent, containing up to 60% more THC than marijuana buds. 

Oils are some of the most natural and safest concentrates available to use in your vaporizer, but if you don’t want to deal with the mess, we recommend sticking with just the dry herb itself! As our vaporizers allow you to customize every aspect of your cannabis consumption, they are the answer you may have been looking for regarding conscious consumption. You know exactly what you are putting into your body.

These methods are great not only because they eliminate smoke from the equation completely, but they also allow you to have a variety of choices while controlling your dose. 

They can even help to nix any cigarette-related habits that smoking Cannabis might be related to. Explore the above methods to find the one—or two or three—that works best for you!


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