Superior Flavor and Purity of the Ascent Vaporizer


Are you wondering if you can achieve superior flavor and purity with your Ascent vaporizer? Well sure you can! Think about it this way - If you're a whiskey enthusiast, you wouldn't just settle for a tin can to drink from, would you? You'll choose the finest glass available for the ultimate experience.

Flavor and purity is why we crafted the Ascent by DaVinci vaporizer with an all glass pathway for the connoisseur. This glass vaporizer is for the vape enthusiasts who appreciates the cleaner and healthier way to vaporize loose leaf and herbal oils. The all glass vapor path makes for easy cleanup and the programmable temperature prevents you from inhaling burnt products.

So if you're looking for superior flavor and have that ultimate vaping experience - use the Ascent by Davinci vaporizer. Learn more about the Ascent on the video above.

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