Switzerland's Recreational Cannabis: Organic Only


Switzerland has not officially legalized the recreational use of cannabis, but it will be grown as part of a study that will follow 5,000 Swiss adults 18 years or older over a period of 10 years to observe the effects of pot use on general health, familial relations, employment, and social relations. The Swiss government will also use this "pilot" program to monitor the effects of recreational weed on underground drug markets. 

America will not recognize USDA organic certification procedures for Marijuana, and yet Switzerland will insist all of it's cannabis is produced organically. In America, cannabis is banned from being labeled organic due to it being a federally illegal drug. This is a major contrast. 

The study was approved by the Swiss federal government in December of last year, and the results will be used "for future evidence-based cannabis policy, although it isn’t yet clear when the pilot will begin."

What do you think the pilot program results will be? 

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