The Most Interesting Man in the World


I know I talk a lot about our portable vaporizer, the Ascent by DaVinci, but have you ever wonder who “the man behind the mask” of this product is?

Well there was a recent interview that came out on United Press International calling our CEO Cortney Smith, (and I quote) “ Tech’s Most Interesting Man in the World.” 


Why is he so interesting you may ask? Well Cortney Smith was the first person to introduce the sport of bungee jumping into the Chinese culture. People were so welcoming of this new extreme sport that he ended creating over 30 extreme sports parks and bungee towers in China. 

An overwhelming amount of people were amazed by this sport that Cortney was even able to produce the first X Games in Asian. 

I mean what California raised 6’2 tall male who has an International Relations degree from BYU goes all the way to China to create a huge bungee jumping culture?!?!?!?!(None that I know!!...... Okay except one person). That’s Crazy Right??? His huge success in extreme sports in China lead him to co-host Taiwan’s Extreme Game TV for over 4 years. 

AND THAT’S JUST ONE of the MANY accomplishments he has. He even created a consulting company whose helped companies like Budweiser, Coca Cola, Lipton, MTV, just to name a few. I mean this guy is truly a genius. He was still a major success in China, but decided to move back to America and raise his family.  

You would think all his success in China would slow him down once he got back to the States…. It however did not. 

This non-stop creator ended up designing not just one but TWO most innovative and creative portable vaporizers on the market, The DaVinci and the Ascent by DaVinci

These two devices have surpassed their competition and is ranked the most technologically advanced portable vaporizers on the market. His one of a kind design has turned the DaVinci Brand into a major success and a top leader in the world of vaporization. 

This man isn’t just the most interesting man in the world he is the MOST AMAZING MAN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Even with all of his success he is still a down to earth type of guy. Always creating, always pushing the limits to what his mind can do, there is no stopping him.

So the next time you vape a DaVinci or an Ascent by DaVinci, think of the man who created this device …..because all he wanted you to do was to vape intelligently.

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