The Portable Vaporizer Revolution


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Portable Vaporizer technology is now changing the habits of smokers at a fundamental level: the mechanism they use to heat and inhale. While vaporizers are loudly acclaimed as a healthier alternative, some traditionalists refuse to change due to the construction materials involved with vaporizers. Both butane and electric vaporizers frequently utilize metal and plastic extraction chambers and vapor pathways which creates a tainted taste and unpleasant after taste.

At the core of vaporizers is a heating mechanism used to apply heat to either your herbal blend or your aromatherapy oils. This mechanism can be powered either electrically with a battery or butane gas. By either applying heat directly to your loaded canister or by pulling hot air through the canister, the heating mechanism creates vapor in the extraction chamber. This vapor then travels through the vaporizer to be inhaled by the user.

A metal or plastic extraction chamber or vapor pathway can create an acrid, metallic, and bitter taste to the vapor that can ruin the vapor's aroma. Whether subtle or strong this vapor pollution can even become tainted with carcinogenic byproducts from the metal or plastic.

This is why the new Ascent vaporizer from DaVinci is revolutionary. Because this vaporizer features an all-glass extraction chamber and vapor pathway, you are guaranteed a clean, crisp taste free of harmful byproducts. Now with the Ascent, you get all the benefits of all-glass while still having a sturdy, compact vaporizer that protects it's glass interior.

In addition to the Ascent vaporizer itself, there is a selection of all-glass accessories to customize your vaping experience. A U-Shaped glass hose and replaceable glass canisters available through DaVinci's website will enhance your vaporizer and replace any broken parts. As the only portable all-glass vapor pathway product on the market, the Ascent is the best-designed vaporizer available to a vaping purist.

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