What Is Cannabis Wax?


Cannabis wax is a hash oil concentrate acquired from cannabis plant matter by washing it with a solvent. Somewhere between a liquid concentrate like hash oil and a solid, hard concentrate like shatter, cannabis wax has a cloudy appearance and a thick but soft, wax-like texture. It also has a high concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), at times up to as much as 90%, making it very potent to consume. Cannabis wax is ideal for both medical and recreational purposes, as it offers fast relief from symptoms of serious medical conditions.

How To Make Cannabis Wax

Since cannabis wax can be quite expensive to purchase, costing about $50 per gram, some cannabis enthusiasts prefer to make their wax at home, even among those living in states that offer recreational cannabis. But always be sure to check your local cannabis vaporizer laws. While making cannabis wax at home is possible, it’s not advisable to attempt the process if you don’t know what you are doing. There can be grave consequences if you do not follow the proper procedure to make your wax.

But if you are confident enough, you should start by packing your cannabis buds into a tube or pipe. Then pour your preferred solvent over the plant matter and allow it to bond completely with the THC. This solvent helps to pull the THC from the plant matter, so you can make the proper extraction. You’ll then need to allow the solvent to evaporate completely; finally there will be the finished product, an oily, potent concentrate, which is cannabis wax. Some licensed individuals who breed cannabis use this method on a large scale to produce cannabis wax for their clients and retail stores.

You can also create various cannabis wax textures such as budder, crumble, and shatter, depending on the extraction process you use and through the adjustment of different conditions like temperature and humidity.

If this extraction process proves to be too much for you, there is another, less popular process of making cannabis wax with isopropyl alcohol. This process is faster than using solvents because you only need to submerge your marijuana plant matter in isopropyl alcohol for a few minutes and drain it with a micron sieve. Then leave the strained liquid to sit overnight, while you allow the alcohol to evaporate. This will leave you with a sticky, highly concentrated THC extract. If you don’t want to wait for 24 hours for all the alcohol to disappear, you can heat the concentrate to speed up the process.

How To Use Cannabis Wax

There are different ways of enjoying your cannabis wax, but if you intend to smoke it in a vape or a joint, you have to prepare it in a certain way. Wax usually is very sticky, which makes it challenging to handle. Many people prefer sprinkling the wax on top of cannabis to add an extra boost.

Apart from vaping and sprinkling your cannabis wax into a joint, you can also put it on your dab rig. Dabbing is the most popular way to consume cannabis wax. To start, you’ll need a dab nail to place the wax on, since you’ll need to heat the wax concentrate to very high temperatures. Heat the nail with a blowtorch until the wax vaporizes, then inhale the vapor through your dab rig. Keep in mind that unless you already have quite the experience level when it comes to using cannabis wax, it’s often better to start with a smaller amount, since the high can be very strong.

Benefits Of Using Cannabis Wax

Apart from the enhanced potency, there are several other benefits of using cannabis wax. For instance, high-quality cannabis wax doesn’t contain any butane or harsh chemicals. Using it also reduces the risk of lung damage, especially when dabbing, because a dab rig turns it into vapor. Additionally, the high from a dab kicks in almost immediately, making it the ideal choice for people with chronic pain.


Cannabis wax is a perfect way to deal with persistent pain and other critical medical conditions. It’s also the ideal choice for smokers who want a special kind of high, but if you’re new to using wax, be sure to start small, since it’s much more potent than most other types of cannabis products. 

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