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Enhance Your Experience

Enhance Your Experience

Every known vape device out there should have some accessories – it's a given! You won't be able to enjoy the full extent of your vape experience without them. With DaVinci, you have a wide array of vaporizer accessories to choose from.

You can try several accessories that will enhance your experience when vaping like those water tool adapters that can turn your vaporizer into a water-filtered vaping device in an instant. Or you could get an extra wall charger just in case you need a replacement for your old one.

But the truth is, you can never go wrong with purchasing accessories for your vaping device. You know it will always be useful for your vaping sessions. Here at DaVinci, you always want to make sure you have the best vaping experience when using our vape products, and we know getting these additional accessories will do just that. Don't delay and get your vape products now!


Best Vape Accessories to Buy

There are tons of essential and replacement vape accessories, so let's start with a quick list of what you need in your vaping supplies bag!

  • Vape coils (or parts for coils if you build your own!). Premium CBD and THC vape devices burn out slower, so the better the quality of your vape, the fewer coils you'll need, but it’s always good to have some extra on hand.
  • Vape carrying cases are perfect for organizing your consumables, e-juice, and vape accessories.
  • A decent herb grinder is essential for producing a fine, delicate vape blend.
  • Depending on your vape preferences, you'll need CBD or THC dry herb, concentrates, liquid, or other types of vape consumables.
  • A spare vape battery is a smart choice so that you won't have any downtime when waiting for a charge.
  • Extra charging cables are also helpful, so you never need to worry about your vape dying while you’re out, while your USB cable is sitting at home. Having an extra one lets you recharge your vape battery anytime you need (check out our Type C Vape Charging Cable for a super-fast two-hour charge).

Having vaping accessories readily on hand means that all your vape spare parts are there when you need a replacement.

It's easier to stock up on accessories when you know the number of replacement coils and consumables you reguarly go through, so be sure to keep track of how often you need to to change coils, and how many you have on hand, so you’ll know when to order more.

Vaping Accessories For Travel

Herb dosage pods are anessential accessory to buy if you want to load your vape on the go, keep your vape clean, and conserve the quality of your herb.

DaVinci's versatile stainless steel dosage pod holds up to 0.3 grams of your dry herb blend or liquid, be it THC or CDB focused. With ready-made threading, you can load up your vape without a fuss - making them ideal for carrying around your herb on the go!

Replacement coils are a must if you vape THC or CBD when traveling. Know the number of vape coils you use to ensure you have plenty.

Maintenance is key to preserving the quality of your vape, so think about picking up a 3-in-1 Multi-Tool if you often hit the road with your vape. It contains a pick tool and a vape cleaning brush, allowing you to easily clean your dosage pod and flavor chamber, making it a flexible travel resource.

The Benefit of Quality Accessories for CBD & Cannabis Vape Devices

If you want a premium vape experience, whether you use CBD, THC, or other types of concentrates and liquids, there are some great replacement parts and products out there that can take your vaping experience to the next level.

Such as our silicone vape glove, which ensures you keep your hands cool and helps protect your vape from scratches and denting, and is compatible with the DaVinci IQ2.

There are many reasons to consider premium vape replacement parts and accessories:

  • Well-made replacement coils and batteries last longer than cheap replacement parts, and they provide a more consistent vaping experience!

  • The more advanced your vape tastes, the better the tools you'll need. Our Flavor Chamber, made with ceramic and silicone materials, is a perfect accessory, providing a space to create unique flavor infusions.

  • Design specs on superior quality vape replacement models are massively better than cheaper alternatives. Take a look at our Zirconia Ceramic Spacers to enhance your vape experience and maintain herb purity, while adjusting your oven size dynamically to fit your vape usage.

If you're new to using a vape, such as if you're trying CBD liquid concentrates for the first time, you might not notice the difference in a lower quality liquid.

However, as your tastes refine, you will start to see the difference in the overall experience when using quality vape equipment and supplies. Your CBD, liquid, or juice will taste better and you will have better vape sessions.

Stocking Up On Replacement Coils

Before ordering replacement coils, check the specs of your vape. Some coils are designed to be cleaned, so you may just need a good vape cleaning tool.

The coils in a vape are the heart of your device, heat the consumables, and cause them to vaporize through the mouthpiece.

Replacement coils must be compatible with your vape, so be sure you're purchasing the right ones.

Coils can also be made of different materials, such as ceramic or cotton. 

Ohms measure the vape electrical resistance, so you need to ensure any coils you purchase match Ohms measure the vape electrical resistance, so you need to ensure any coils you purchase match your vapes model and technical requirements.

Coils usually last for up to a month, depending on how often you vape and the consumable used, be that a CBD or THC oil concentrate, liquid or a vape juice.

Here's a quick guide to help determine how many coils you'll go through:

  • Heavy vape usage means you'll need to add new coils every week or so. It sounds like a lot, but good coils can make a massive difference to the flavor of your juice and vape functionality.

  • Moderate vape smoking, such as using your vape during the day but only for a short period, means the coils will last longer and will only need a replacement every two or three weeks.

  • Light vape usage, such as a few hits now and then, means you'll go up to three or four weeks without replacement coils.

You'll know your vape coils need a replacement if the sensation is a little like burning or the taste of your juice starts to fade. Chain vape usage also means the vape coils wear down faster as the coils get hotter. If you do a lot of chain vaping, you will need to get coils for your vape more frequently.

Taking Your Vape On The Go with Stylish DaVinci Accessories 

If you're away for the weekend, undoubtedly, you're going to want to bring your vape, CBD ejuice, replacement pod, spare consumables - be it juice or dry herb, and a couple of vape coils along for the ride.

Our Premium Smell Resistant Soft Case is an excellent choice, with weather-proof engineering to ensure your vape and accessories are protected from the elements, no matter how adventurous you get!

At DaVinci, get all the accessories you need to enjoy your CBD or juice, and enhance your vape experience.