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MIQRO-C Sesh Pack

MIQRO-C Sesh Pack

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Bundle up, MIQRO style. The MIQRO-C Sesh Pack bundles the glove, extra battery holder and stash container for everything you need to round out a perfect sesh. 

Top Compartment holds: 

  • 1x 18350 battery -or- 

  • A little more than 1 gram of loose flower -or- 

  • 10 filled MIQRO Dosage Pods 

Lower Compartment holds: 

  • ~0.5 gram of loose flower -or-  

  • 4 filled MIQRO Dosage Pods 

*Fits Original MIQRO, however must feel for tactile buttons.  


What’s in the box:

1 MIQRO-C Sesh Pack 

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