5 Facts About DaVinci Vaporizers


We are so nice, we did it twice!!! … THE SALE… we are doing the sale twice… like we already had this sale in November so why not do it again in December. Yup that’s right!! We felt that all of you portable vaporizer fans deserve another 20% Off the Entire Store sale. We know how much support all of you gave us during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales… we felt for this Holiday Season might as well keep the sale going. We see how much love you give our products and we just want to thank you for all the recognition you have been giving us this year.

The DaVinci brand is about caring and sharing; we are always here to keep you vaping intelligently and answer those hard questions you are dying to know. Like “ what temperature do I vape at?” Or “Why vape green tea?” Or even the occasional “Where is the ON button?”  We know how important vaping is to all of you and we try our best to give you the latest and greatest devices that money can buy. 

For example DaVinci Classic, it was the very first to hit the market with its emphasis on rugged portability and the first to offer temperature control which made the DaVinci Vaporizer brand top of the vaporizer game. 

Now with the Ascent by DaVinici, we try to make vaping a delicious experience by adding and all glass vapor path, glass lined ceramic bowel, and even glass oil jars. We know how you vaping connoisseurs love to taste everything you are vaping while still being able to control your temperature; now with the Ascent you can. 

Here at DaVinci, we want to keep you well informed on what all of our products have to offer by making it fun and exciting. Which is why I decided to share some interesting facts about all our products and our brand that you might not necessarily know.

1. When we design a new product we think W.W.D.D. (What Would DaVinci Do)  

2. We warehouse and ship our own products.

3. We design and manufacture our own products

4. Every person in our company tests and uses each product before it comes out

5. Lastly below is a picture of the original prototypes of the DaVinci Classic


It's pretty crazy to see where we started and how far we have come. 

From the team that keeps you Vaping Intellegently.

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