4 More States in the US Fully Legalized Cannabis


4 More States Fully Legalized Cannabis

Do you see it?

The light at the end of a long tunnel?

The legalization tunnel. Cannabis is inching ever closer to being federally legalized.

With an additional four states voting for recreational use, Cannabis lovers can now see the light at the end of the ridiculously long legalization tunnel. Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, South Dakota, along with eleven other states have fully legalized Cannabis.

Believe it or not, that leaves only SIX states that have yet to see the legalization light. 

In 1969, a Pew Research poll concluded that only 12% of American adults agreed to legalizing Cannabis. That same poll in 2019 has 67% of American adults agreeing to legalization. Pretty sure that would be considered a massive shift in public opinion, and the latest election only furthers that shift. Can you say “a shift in public opinion”? 

The latest election suggests full federal legalization is within reach, and the United States is sprinting towards it. Some voting numbers for you ballot counting nerds. Arizona voted on Prop 207 at a 60% “lets get high” clip! 1,956,382 Arizonian’s are gonna be chilling fabulously thanks to their new MIQRO’S. Montana named their Cannabis legalization bill “I-190”. 

The freeway addition, I mean Cannabis legalization took the win with 56.90% / 341,031 of Montanian’s feeling the need for weed. We suggest Indiaca’s for the hibernation effects, and always vape with the best, DAVINCI Vaporizers

New Jersey had a question, no literally it’s called “Question 1” 66.92% and 2,504,006 New Jerseyites LOVE Cannabis… They win… easily! 

If you live in New Jersey you can expect extra marketing from Cannabis companies, read with an IQ2 in hand, and enjoy the well deserved sweet smelling reality.

South Dakota kept it simple with “Measure 26”, probably why it passed.

The slimmest of margins at 54.20% / 225,260 has the Southern version of Dakotan’s feeling faded this coming winter. Get the IQ2 and watch the winter blissfully go by.

We at DAVINCI want to welcome with open lungs, all 5,026,679 Cannabis loving American’s who voted yes. We implore you to buy the best, portable vaporizers in the market that uses Clean First™ technology.


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