A Guide To Sanitary Vaping Hygiene


Would you share your chapstick with a stranger? No. Would you eat something that you dropped on a bathroom floor? Certainly not. But you may have let a friend try your vape. So, what's the difference? Is vaping sanitary?

The sanitary concerns that come with vaping have been mostly ignored in medical research and discussion. The effects of this extend beyond leaving vape enthusiasts uneducated about how to practice good vaporizer .

By now, you probably know that the health effects of vaping are buzzing in the medical research community. The results of these studies help agencies like the FDA to take regulatory action. Yet the actual usage of vaping devices is seldom, if ever, done in a completely controlled, sanitary environment.

So Is Vaping Sanitary?

A conclusion can be reached by considering some simple facts about vaporizer devices:

  1. We repeatedly put them to our lips.
  2. We touch them all the time.

Constantly putting something in or near your mouth can increase your likelihood of getting sick. And most people don’t treat their vaping devices like something they put in their mouth. They throw it in their pocket, somewhere in their car, or lay it on a dirty table or counter.

They treat it like a cell phone. But as reported by two studies in 2012 and 2017… cell phones are gross.

So, if you treat something like a cell phone– taking it with you, frequently touching and using it– you would rightly conclude that this particular item would carry a similar amount of germs… more than a toilet seat.

Worse yet is the fact that you repeatedly bring your vaporizer to your lips. This transfers bacteria from your mouth to the device. This can create a system that causes bacteria to grow and multiply.

How to Sanitize Your Vape

The most important part of your vape to keep clean is your  since it makes frequent contact with your mouth.

Sanitizing Your Mouthpiece

It is recommended that you clean your mouthpiece at least once a day. It collects bacteria, dead skin, and food particles. This makes it an environment for bacteria to thrive. Fortunately, cleaning your mouthpiece is super easy.

First, here are some effective cleaning agents for cleaning your mouthpiece:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar 
  • Baking Soda 
  • Dish Soap and Water 
  • Table Salt and Water 
  • High-Proof Grain Alcohol, or ISO

Now, this is how you clean your mouthpiece, step-by-step:

  1. Pour your chosen cleaning agent into a small bowl.
  2. Remove the mouthpiece from your device, and drop it into the solution. Allow it to soak for 3 minutes. You should also use a Q-Tip to get at any visible residue.
  3. Next, rinse it under warm water. Close your sink drain so you don’t lose your mouthpiece. (We're sure the last thing you want to do right now is call a plumber) Rinse your mouthpiece no longer smells like your cleaning solution.
  4. Dry your mouthpiece with a clean paper towel. 

Also, consider carrying  extra mouthpieces with you if you absolutely must leave your home. You can wash them in bulk and keep them in small plastic bags. That way, you can swap drip tips after meals or when sharing your vape with a friend. This also allows you to just clean a bunch at once and have a new one to swap to daily, or whenever you want.

Sanitizing The Body of Your Device

You probably don’t lick your DAVINCI very often, but you do touch it. 

Your device could potentially host many strains of bacteria. If you touch your face or eat after vaping, you could introduce those germs into your body. We recommend cleaning your DAVINCI  at least once a day.

Because it is an electronic device, you cannot outright soak it in a cleaning solution.  Also, if you use a cloth or solution that is too abrasive, you could damage the surface of your mod.

Here is how to safely and effectively clean your DAVINCI:

Here is how to safely and effectively sanitize the shell of your device:

  1. In a bowl or spray bottle, combine 70% isopropyl alcohol and distilled water at a 1:1 ratio.
  2. Remove batteries from the chamber and store them safely.
  3. Ensure that your device is powered off.
  4. Get a clean, lint-free microfiber towel. If your cleaning solution is in a spray bottle, lightly spray it onto the towel. If it’s in a bowl, dip the towel into the bowl and wring it out until it’s slightly damp.
  5. Gently wipe your shell with the damp towel, avoiding the battery vents. Pay extra attention to any buttons, but be careful to not let excess liquid seep into the cracks.
  6. If there is gunk built up in any crevices or holes, carefully use a cotton swab or toothpick to remove.

Alternatively, you can use disinfectant wipes designed specifically for electronics. These are especially handy for sanitary vaping on the go.

Vaping Hygiene: Best Practices

Beyond cleaning your vape, you should also be aware of proper vape hygiene.

You use your mouth to vape. So it is wise to treat your device with the same care as you would a fork or a spoon. You can’t put your vape in the dishwasher, but would you throw your fork in your purse or let someone else use it? Practicing good vape hygiene ensures that your device stays as clean as possible throughout the day.

Here are some tips for keeping your vaping device sanitary between cleanings:

Wash your hands before and after vaping. Many of us vape while doing other things, so getting up and washing your hands every minute can be tedious. That said, if you are stepping outside for a vape break, when you return, wash your hands.

Do not share your vape with others. Seriously, do not do this. If you absolutely MUST share, use spare mouthpieces10mm water tool adaptors, or disposable mouthpiece covers.

Be mindful of where you put your device. Don’t leave it on a countertop or dirty surface. If you put it in your purse or pocket, make sure these have been thoroughly cleaned. It may even be best to store it in a plastic bag or washable vape case. Better to be safe than sorry. 

Don’t bring your vape to a hospital or doctor’s office. This should be common sense, but do not bring your device to a building full of sick human beings. 

If you drop your vape on the floor, clean it immediately. If cleaning isn't an option, and you carry wipes or extra mouthpieces, you’ll be prepared.

Sanitize other things you come into contact with regularly. Think about what you touch before and after using your vape– your steering wheel, keyboard, game controller, cell phone, etc. Even if you make an effort to keep your vape clean, you could get cross-contamination from these sources.

In Conclusion… Vaping Can Be Sanitary!

We hope this guide helps with some of the sanitary concerns related to vaping. And if you follow the practices and procedures outlined in this article, you will reduce the risk of ingesting harmful bacteria from your device.

During this awful pandemic, there should be heightened awareness of your hygiene habits. And that certainly does extend to vaping.

Vape purely, vape safely. And we wish you the best of luck. 


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