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Hands free vaporizers differ from standard vaporizers for its grounded glass heater cover, which commonly matches a grounded glass wand. Some of these pieces have a unique sandy and frosty texture that resembles many times a paper-like cover, but the great thing about having a hands free vaporizer is that you do not need to hold the wand of the device to start vaping. People who dislike being attached to a vaporizer find this a great utility feature because they can manipulate the device to adjust the temperature, while using their computers, reading a book or engaging in any other activity while still enjoying a vaporizing moment with their hands free.

Of course, there is a huge difference between standard and hands free vaporizers, but nothing more than the size level and the wand that substitutes for the mouthpieces. However, depending on the model of vaporizer, twisting the wand inside the device may be difficult, as it is moving around with this device in your hands.

Bigger Size, Less Mobility

A hands free vaporizer is generally a desktop or tabletop piece that occupies some space, making it harder to carry such device with you whenever moving around is needed, although the main advantage of these vaporizers is precisely that you can do unattended vaporizing because it is not necessary to have your hands on it to make it work.

The typical vaporizer of this class is a box-shaped device, which usually comes with a digital screen, from which you can control the temperature of your device. Some of these vaporizers are made of polycarbonate, making them lightweight devices, but may break during an accidentally fall.

Fancy Models to Choose From

The fact of being a hands free vaporizer has nothing to do with the design of the device. These vaporizers are not necessarily rectangular or boxed-shaped, but there are also devices with trapezoid or pyramid styles, among other designs. A hands free vaporizer, which is polycarbonate manufactured can come in different colors and styles, but there are also vaporizers made of wood or glass.

Depending on the manufacturing company, such devices may include additional features, like a compartment to store your aromatherapy blends and essentials oils, or they might be truly simplistic, with just the basic characteristics that most vaporizers include.

Hands Free or Portable?

While many people believe that hands free devices are more convenient, remember that we are talking about vaporizers, and not about smartphones.  A hands free smartphone allows you to hold a conversation with someone while you are driving or doing something else on the go. With a hands free vaporizer you could be receiving the benefits of your therapeutic vapor session at the same time you are working, answering the phone or something else, but you cannot be on the go with a model of vaporizer that could be as big as a shoe box, or as small as a desktop pencil sharpener.

Although, you can buy a smaller model of hands free vaporizers, it is more advisable to use of a portable device if you need to move with it. Smaller portable vaporizers easier to carry and have a convenient ergonomic design.

A New Age Story

Vaporizers became the hype in the aromatherapy industry back in 1999, when the first hands free vaporizer was released on the market. Since then, they remain as one of the favorite choices for therapeutic use at home and alternative medicine clinics. Inhaling a draw of aromatherapy blends is done directly through the heating system, which means that it is not necessary to hold a mouthpiece or something else to inhale the vapor.

Many times used as a sort of air refreshing system, hands free vaporizers provide people with the health benefits of medicinal plants, essentials oils and other aromatherapy materials that have proven to contribute with an individual’s overall wellness.

Free of Toxic Substances

As noted above, there are many types of hands free vaporizers that come with different designs, but a common concern among people vaping is toxicity of plastic pieces that may be part of the heating system.

Vaporizers regularly include a metal plate to produce the heat necessary to release the healing properties of aromatherapy products that are vaporized. However, a hands free vaporizer could also use either a glass or a ceramic heating piece that guarantees purity of the blends you are inhaling directly from it. Thus, you do not even have to worry about some of those standard vaporizer that use plastic mouthpieces.

A Denser Vapor

Another advantage of a hands free vaporizer is that this unit produces the densest vapor of all vaporizers. This type of vaporizers is expressly designed with this purpose in mind to allow users to enjoy the vaping experience with ease. Hands free vaporizers are to be placed on a table or any other surface to inhale the vapor from, hence the need to produce a dense vapor.

Besides, remember that the heating system and other characteristics of hands free vaporizers are different from those seen in standard models.

Easy to Use

A hands free vaporizer is as easy to use as any other type of vaporizer. Just turn the unit on, set the temperature, and allow the device to heat up. Then you can inhale your aromatherapy products into the whip to start producing the healing and comforting vapor of your blends. Some people recommend stirring plant products after several inhales to release all of the properties contained in the aromatherapy material.

In the case of natural concentrates and essential oils, it is recommended to soak a small cotton ball with these substances and slide it into the whip in order to release the beneficial vapors that these substances produce without needing to stir.

Now, keep in mind that hands free vaporizers takes more time to heat than regular vaporizers. If you need a quick shot of vapor, a portable vaporizer can provide it faster than this. Nonetheless, people describe a better relaxing experience with the use of a hands free vaporizer for home therapy. 


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