A Vaper's Love Story - Valentines Giveaway


Richard Bach once said; “ True Love Stories Never Have Endings”. Incredible right? February has been labeled as the month of love and we want to keep spreading that love by introducing our first giveaway of 2017.

What we are asking is for all of the couples out there to join us in our Valentine’s Couples Giveaway. The IQ is designed as a personal portable vaporizer, but we find it shared between two people very often. Once we found that out - we decided to award the MOST impactful couple out there with 2 IQ vaporizers!

That’s right, we want to give 2 IQ vaporizers to the most compelling and impactful couple that can truly move us, as well inspire others.

How do you enter the giveaway? It starts by sharing your story with us, and everyone you know. Grab your mobile phone or digital camera and do a quick video about your romantic love story as well if you truly believe vaping together makes yours, or any, relationship better and why.

Here are the details:

  • The cutest couple presents a video that talks about:
    • Your incredible love story
    • Why vaping enhances your relationship
  • That video then is shared across
    • Any and all social accounts you have. (the more the better)
  • How we rate the winners:
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