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Here at DaVinci, we have a large number of accessories that can help enhance your vaping experience, but a lot of people don’t know exactly how or what their function is. In this article, we will go over a few of them and what they do and how they can help you to become a better vaper.

Davinci Accessories

One of the most popular accessories we have that still raises questions is the Flavor Chamber for the DaVinci IQ. With this singular device, you can cool your vapor, enhance your flavor or elevate your experience with the IQ. It is made of 100% zirconia ceramic making it highly durable and the perfect channel to add natural herbs, flowers and more with the purest flavor in mind. You can place lavender, orange blossom, chamomile or whatever dry herb you can think of to flavor the vapor as it passes through this chamber. 

Another of the accessories for the IQ that garners the most questions is the Nectar Collector® Honeybird Combo. This was made exclusively for the IQ, so it is different from other Nectar Collector®s out there. Enjoy flavorful hits from this pocket-sized, water-cooled vertical bubbler raising the bar with ease of use and portability. The Honeybird combo features the core measuring at 2.5 inches along with an exclusively crafted 10mm female joint-tip. This join-tip fits perfectly over the 10mm adapter (extended mouthpiece).

To fill the Honeybird combo, you can place over a bowl of water and gently suck in from the top of the bubbler. Do this repeatedly until water begins to drain out of it. The amount of water that is remaining within the bubbler is the amount it is meant to hold. It may not look like a lot, but that was how it was designed, as it is meant to be portable! You don’t want it spilling everywhere (or draining through your vaporizer). These are hand-blown, so you can guarantee you are getting an expertly crafted piece of glassware. 

The IQ glass spacers are extremely popular and are a truly valuable accessory. Perfectly pack the bowl of your IQ Vaporizer every time with these glass spacers. The set includes a 10mm glass spacer and a 6mm glass spacer, allowing you to choose exactly how much herb you want to use at any given time. The glass spacers can go in the oven either before or after your herb and can even help to increase your vapor production. Some people think the oven of the IQ is TOO large, so these are perfect if you agree with them. 

We also have these available for our Ascent model! The glass spacer set can work wonders for you. If you ever wondered how you can conserve your loose material but still effectively maximize your vaping experience, then the Ascent glass spacers are exactly what you need. They are made of 100% glass, providing you superior taste and flavor. 

When you purchase the IQ vaporizer, it comes with a metal pick tool that you can use for stirring your herb, removing the flavor chamber, or even cleaning out the holes at the bottom of your oven (be careful not to poke too hard, as you can poke a larger hole through the bottom of your oven if you are careless). It also comes with a keychain tool that has another metal pick inside it – perfect for on-the-go vaping! The keychain tool, a snazzy-looking keychain equipped with a multi-purpose metal pick for use with almost anything on your IQ vaporizer, is available on our website, so if you lose your metal pick or just want an extra one, go and pick yourself up one. 

For the Ascent, one of the draws to the device was its all-glass pathway. However, glass is oftentimes fragile, so you may find that you need to replace the internal glass straw pieces from time to time (or you may just want spares when you don’t feel like cleaning the one you have but want to get right back to vaping). Both the upper and lower straw pieces that compose the airway are available on our website as a set.

If you are someone who likes to finely grind your herb, you may want to pick yourself up a pack of screens for the Ascent. These screens are free-floating, so they go right on top of your herb in the oven and help prevent your herb from making its way up the glass pathway. The screen replacement set available on our website comes with 3 large screens and 6 small screens for whatever your needs are. The screens can be easily removed and replaced with new ones or cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and reused.

Classic Davinci Accessories

For the Classic DaVinci (also known as the original DaVinci), one of the accessories we have that gets the most questions are the oil cans. You get 2 oil cans with the vaporizer, and each has different uses! They actually have uses for your grinds and your essential oils! One of the cans is empty, and you can place your herb inside of it. This helps keep the oven cleaner and makes it so you can switch out the oven quickly and reload it for quick and easy vaping. The other can comes with a high temperature swab inside it to absorb your essential oils. If your oil has a low viscosity, it can run through the can and out the hole in the bottom, so be careful! You don’t want the oil draining through your device and damaging the internals. 

The Classic DaVinci comes with a bendable silicone straw (referred to as the Flexi-Straw) perfect for vaping. However, sometimes you find that you just need a longer straw for ease of vaping. For that: we’ve got you covered! The "Snorkel" Extended Flexi-Straw has added length that not only helps to further cool down the vapor before it reaches your mouth, it is also the perfect size to stick inside your coat pocket and vape...incognito. This straw is made of a mesh material instead of the silicone of the original Flexi-Straw, making the extra length that much more durable.

One of the last accessories that can be extremely useful is the Canvas Carrying Case. While this was specifically designed for the IQ vaporizer, it can fit both of our other vaporizer models as well. This comes with a smell-proof pouch that you can place your herb in and is also capable of holding a few other accessories as well as your vaporizer! The DaVinci canvas carrying case is all you need when you want portability. This carrying case has a canvas exterior with an exterior pocket. It is perfect for storing all your needs when you’re on-the-go.

So, whatever device you have and whatever your needs are, there are accessories that can assist you and help to make your vaporizing experience that much more elite.


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