Are Dry Herb Vaporizers Safe? Learn About Dry Herb Vaporizer Health Risks and Benefits


Vaporizers have been growing in popularity since their inception in 2006. Most public health organizations have acknowledged the potential risk associated with the use of these products. In 2019, the Center for Disease Control investigated 149 cases of hospitalizations associated with the use of an (e-liquid) vaporizer. The agency reported their findings on August 21, 2019 as “no clear common cause”, which essentially means they aren't sure.

So let's talk about what we do know as fact-- most vaping injury cases have been associated with the use of e-cigarettes/cartridge and liquid vapes. This is an essential distinction, and vaping enthusiasts are aware that there are different types of vaporizers. Dry herb vaping, concentrates/waxes, oils, and liquid units. The most popular type of vaporizer is the portable dry herb vaporizer. This type of vaporizer is compatible only with pure, dry flower and is battery-powered. 

Are There any Health Risks Associated With Dry Herb Vaporizers?

There have been NO hospitalizations and emergent health issues associated with dry herb devices. It's a different product from an a e-juice device or cartridge (liquid) vaping pen in both how it works and possible risks.

The question is: are dry herb vaporizers bad for your health? The short answer is no and the long answer is absolutely not, there are zero health risks. Dry herb vaping uses conduction heating methods to eliminate the production of carbon monoxide, a dangerous by-product of traditional smoking. These devices also create aerosols, which harmlessly dissipate into the atmosphere and don't pose the same risks to anyone nearby unlike second-hand smoke.

Is Smoking Dry Herb Safer Than Conventional Cannabis Joints?

Dry herb material is not liquid in nature so there is no risk of accidental inhalation or ingestion. Additionally, CBD flower material can be purchased from trusted medical distributors and there is no risk of ingesting dangerous foreign elements.

If you are a medical vaporizer user, the best and safest bet will be to purchase a dry herb vaporizer. In particular, certain portable devices like the Davinci IQ2 offer the purest and most flavorful vapor quality and zero risk factor

Does Vaping Weed Offer the Same Health Benefits as CBD Oil?

If you're new to vaping dry herb, it's essential to ensure you have all the information you need to make smart choices and evaluate competing products on their pros and cons.

We can clearly differentiate between the vague health advantages of manufactured cannabis compound extracts and the whole spectrum experience you achieve when using professional-quality vaporizers for dry herbs.

There is also a colossal variance in standards throughout the manufacture of cannabis extracts. The vast majority of products are designed for vaping through a liquid-based device; which comes with all the health hazards we've explored.

Vaping liquid isn't the same thing as pure weed, and therefore smoking it through vaporizers has limited effects and unsubstantiated benefits.

It is, in essence, a vaping extract attempting to capture the valuable health-affirming cannabinoids that are usually damaged during extraction, and, therefore, an inactive ingredient.

Cheap oils use CO2 to extract the compounds, which invariably means they have little or no benefit. Still, more products are retailed that are produced from hemp seed - making them more like rather expensive cooking oils, which won't offer any desirable health impacts.

Further, there are a massive array of potentially harmful by-products often found in cannabis oils, all of which can cause severe effects on your lungs and general health.

Harmful By-products Found In Vaping Cannabis Oil

The harmful by-products sometimes found within cannabis oil include:

  • Dextromethorphan (DXM) is a cough syrup that is highly addictive. DXM has been found in many lab health tests of vaping liquids.
  • 5F-ADB is a synthetic compound, similar to Spice, designed to mimic natural THC.
  • Microbial contaminants in smoking liquids for vaporizers include e-coli, plant pesticides, and salmonella.
  • Lead and nickel are cancer-causing carcinogens found in vape pen oils extracted from non-organic marijuana - a dangerous health hazard.
  • Common carrier liquids include MCT, a product often made from palm oil. The cost to the natural world of harvesting this substance is alarmingly serious, and so it poses significant ethical challenges.

Benefits of Dry Herb Vaporizers

Vaping dry herb removes any exposure to these health risks, while containing the total spectrum of natural cannabinoids without chemicals, additives, and preservatives.

Dry herb is just that; an authentic product that isn't synthesized, soluble, or broken down into unstable compounds that disappear as soon as they're extracted.

If you want the beneficial effects without damaging your lungs, a dry herb vaporizer is the only way to go.

Is Vaping Marijuana Safe?

Vaping first emerged as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. And, in terms of exposure to deadly carcinogens and toxic substances such as tar and formaldehyde, vaporizers are clearly the lesser evil.

However, vaping liquid is under serious examination with links to multiple long-term health conditions.

Vaporizer injuries range from burns to accidental liquid ingestion and vaping symptoms known as 'popcorn lung.' None of which you want.

Likewise, smoking weed through a normal joint might be preferable but still carries health risks. The smoke itself isn't good news for your lungs, and mixing cannabis with tobacco means it's just as deadly as a conventional cigarette.

When we talk about vaping dry herb, we're discussing a very different process, and in fact, a far more sophisticated vaporizer device.

This type of vaporizer is considerably more intricate than your basic electronic cigarette. Provided you use quality dry herb products and don't purchase vaping devices from less reputable brands, you avoid any adverse effects.

Vaping weed through a dry herb device means you experience a slower, more innovative electronic heating process, where vaporizers use controlled conduction to heat the herb.

Directly heating the dry herb means you get a richer flavor and can control the potency of your vaping through temperature control functionality.

Do Herb Vaporizers Have Side Effects on Your Lungs?

If you've tried vaping with a dry herb product, you'll immediately notice a different experience, taste, and texture.

Protecting our lungs is essential, and using herb vaporizers is profoundly safer, without the health risks found in any other form of vaping.

Our vaporizers release all the active dry herb ingredients that interact with your endocannabinoid system but with no synthetic materials or chemicals that cause the well-documented health risks of normal vaping or smoking.

Dry herb vaping is the safest way to enjoy a natural buzz and long-term beneficial effects while keeping your lungs in great shape.

What is the Difference Between a Normal Vape and a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

We've covered some of the primary health risks associated with the effects of regular liquid vaping, but to summarize, they include:

  • Ingestion of toxic chemicals due to the plastic breaking down in poor quality smoking devices.
  • By-products that are released due to overheating of the cannabis in your vaporizer.

The best way to protect your health is always to purchase vaporizers and any dry herb product from a respected provider (such as Davinci!) and steer well clear of the unregulated or poor quality smoking devices that are prevalent in online stores.

Regular liquid vaporizers are designed to burn e-liquids, which contain all sorts of compounds, ranging from essential oils to nicotine.

Burning those chemicals releases toxins, which you directly inhale, and the casing materials usually begin to break down quickly, meaning you breathe in a dose of melted microplastics with every inhalation.

Much of the industry is yet to be regulated, so it's crucial for consumers to be equipped with the facts and understand the health risks associated with vapes - including the need to have comprehensive ingredient lists to disclose the chemicals present in 99% of the products on the market.

A Davinci device like the Davinci IQ2 for vaping gently heats the dry herb cannabis, slowly releasing the cannabinoids and nothing else.

As a cannabis connoisseur, this experience is far superior in terms of quality, flavor, sensation, and potency - and we'd challenge you to try it for yourself and see why dry herb vaping is such a compelling alternative to basic liquid vaporizers!

Pure, simple, and effective.


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