Arizona Vape Laws


Vaping is one topic marred by controversy in the US. Each state has their own set of laws on the subject. You can even find various vaping laws within the states! On the one hand, some states are all for vaping and consider it a better alternative to smoking. Then you have others that are hell-bent on fighting against the idea.

Pro-vaping states have no qualms about legalizing vaping. But, they should follow the guidelines of the federal government’s vaping laws. Each state, to some extent, calls the shots when regulating these laws. These states need to define regulations about taxation, the legal age for vaping, and bans on where vaping is prohibited. Because vape laws aren't standard, it pays to know where your state stands from a legal viewpoint.

And if you’re reading this article, then you must be wondering, “What are the Arizona vape laws?”; well Arizona allows vaping, provided you do so within the stipulated legal confines. You need to adhere to age limits and, if in public, stick to areas set aside for vaping, among other factors.

Legal Vaping Age In Arizona

Stating the legal vaping age in Arizona isn’t an easy answer.

For the longest time, the cut-off age limit for vaping in Arizona was eighteen. But there was a discovery of a link between vaping and respiratory-related illnesses. Since then, the state has been looking to raise the legal age for consumption. But, it appears the federal government was way ahead of them.

In the face of these looming health concerns, the Trump Administration pegged the age limit to twenty-one. The only drawback is that a date hasn't been set for when these federal laws will become official. As it stands, several states are in limbo about which age to go with moving forward.

Certain proactive areas have decided to put the new age limit in place right away. The municipal governments of Douglas, Flagstaff, and Good Year have raised the age to twenty-one. Yet, you'll still find other areas still have eighteen as the legal age for vaping. Given the lack of clarity on the matter, be sure to check out the regulations in your region.


As we mentioned before, vaping in Arizona is permitted, provided you’re not indulging in your favorite hobby in undesignated areas. For instance, vaping isn't allowed in enclosed spaces, such as bars, restaurants, and indoor restaurants.

Vaping is also not allowed around children. That means places such as daycares, foster homes, and pre-schools are a no-go area. You’re also not allowed to vape while in a vehicle with children on board.

In the same vein, some states also take it a step further to permit licensed operators only to sell vape products. For now, Arizona vape vendors don’t require a license to sell the products. But they are encouraged to be responsible and adhere to the different vape laws in the state.


States can also impose tax fees on vape products as they see fit under their vape laws. Case in point, Arizona imposes a special tax on traditional cigarettes. At the present time, there isn’t a special tax placed on e-cigarettes or vapes in Arizona. The logical explanation for this is that, unlike other states, Arizona doesn't classify vapes as a tobacco product.

It seems Arizona is about to flip the script as it embarks on a mission to recover the revenue they are potentially losing out from vape products. As of 2020, talks were leaning towards imposing a partial 95% luxury tax on the cost of vape products. So, pretty soon, you may see a spike in the price of vapes once that tax has been incorporated.

Final Words

The federal government has the right to create vape laws in the US. However, states have the free will to further develop their vape laws as they see fit. That’s why you’ll find different vape laws from one state to the other and sometimes even within the same state!

Arizona is among the list of pro-vaping states that chose to legalize vaping. However, there are a few restrictions attached to the law. Vapers need to be at least eighteen or twenty-one, depending on where they are within the state. Arizona is also upfront on the places you’re allowed to vape. For the time being, there’s no special tax on vape products. But that might change anytime. Since states are constantly chopping and changing laws, it’s wise to contact the local authorities in your specific area for updated vaping regulations in Arizona.


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