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Vaping has become a popular alternative to tobacco smoking. It’s not surprising given that it can kill an individual in a variety of ways, from lung and throat cancers to emphysema and other respiratory diseases. The fact of the matter is smoking tobacco kills around 50% of its long term users. With statistics like that, one would think that long term smokers would want to kick the habit in fear of getting cancer or heart problems; but, no. The addiction is just too much to handle. If you’ve ever been a tobacco smoker, then you know how addictive it is and how difficult it is to quit.

Vaporizers have become a decent alternative to tobacco smoking.
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Vaporizers, believe it or not, have given tobacco addicts a new lease on life, or at least a decent alternative to the now socially unacceptable habit. These devices have actually been around for several decades, all the way back to the 1960s, although not necessarily in the form we generally see them today design-wise. Vaporizers back then were bulky tabletops and were not exactly what you would call portable. But over the years, as technology surrounding the device began to advance, vaporizer designs started to become smaller and more pocket-friendly.

The Various Vaporizer Designs Available Today

There are three basic vaporizer designs available in the market; the old tabletop/desktop vaporizer, the portable/pocket vaporizer, and vape pens or e-cigarettes. Each of these three designs has their own pros and cons that every ‘would be’ vaper has to consider before buying a vaporizer that he or she will truly enjoy. Among the key differences between these three types are the size/shape, power source, and heating method.

Choosing the right vape is important.
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  • The Size – Obviously, tabletops are the biggest and heaviest of the three designs. They are intended for use indoors, like in your home, clinics, and hospitals. Pocket vaporizers, on the other hand, are significantly smaller and extremely lighter than a table top. Most portable vaporizers can fit in the palm of your hand and they are often square-shaped or boxed-shaped. The best pocket vaporizers in the market are a popular choice among true vaping enthusiasts. Vape pens are the smallest in terms of design. They are typically cylindrical or tube-like in shape, resembling a cigarette.
  • The Power Source – When it comes to the power source, portables (including vape pens) are generally powered by lithium-ion batteries, although battery life generally depends on the quality and features of the device. The more electronic features the vaporizer has, the more power it consumes, the shorter the lifespan. Tabletops, on the other hand, are tethered to a power outlet since they are not designed to be portable.
  • The Heating Method – Vaporizers utilize one of two different types of heating methods – conduction or convection. The conduction method involves the transfer of heat to a material by way of direct contact, while convection uses heat transfer process to vaporize your loads. Basically, air is forced through the heating element, which then passes around and through your herb as a form of hot gas/air, heating and vaporizing the material.

The convection method is often used on tabletops, while conduction heating is normally seen on vape pens and e-cigarettes, due mostly to the limited space available in the device. Depending on the type of pocket/portable vaporizer, some use conduction method while others employ the convection heating technique. And as far as pricing goes, devices using conduction are generally cheaper compared to those that use convection heating technology.

Things to Consider When Buying a Vaporizer

1. You often get what you pay for.

Choosing the best quality to buy is not easy, especially with all the different types, designs, and price range available. But what you need to remember is, especially if it’s your first time buying a portable vaporizer, if you buy it cheap, you typically get a cheap quality device. Of course, there are a few exceptions to this rule. There are vaporizer brands out there like Davinci, that deliver great quality products for reasonable prices.

2. Stay away from cheap knock-offs and imitations.

Consumers on a tight budget will often settle for products that are low quality imitations because they are cheaper. This shouldn’t be the case when it comes to portable vaporizers. You should think of this device as an investment. You want to buy something that will last, provides good quality vapor, and is made of topnotch materials, like the Davinci IQ2. Don’t settle for knock-offs and imitations that won’t give you the satisfaction you deserve.

3. If possible, opt for vaporizers that use the convection heating method.

As previously mentioned, vapes that use the conduction heating technique are generally cheaper, compared to those utilizing convection technology. The drawback with conduction, however, is that without an accurate temperature control, you often end up inhaling burnt, bitter-tasting vapor due to the fact that loads often get toasted and burned when the heating element gets too hot. If you choose to buy a conduction vaporizer, make sure that it has a functioning temperature control/gauge.

These are valuable things you should keep in mind when you start buying your own vaporizer. Check out what these first timer's reactions are on vaping.

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