Can You Bring A Vape On A Plane


Are you thinking of going on a commercial flight for a holiday and want to take your vape away with you? If so, you will need to pack your vaping device inside of your carry-on luggage.

You should not pack vaping devices in checked luggage. Vaping devices, such as electronic cigarettes and vaping pens, are powered by lithium batteries, which present a fire risk. Due to the fire risk, they can't be packed in checked luggage. If vaping devices are found in checked luggage, they will be flagged as contraband. Therefore, you must keep your vaping device on your person or in your carry-on luggage so you can monitor it at all times.

If you are taking extra e-liquids on the trip, you may pack this in your checked luggage. But be mindful of how you store your e-liquids in your suitcase since it is possible for the tank to leak. You may want to place the tanks in a disposable bag to contain any leakage.

There are several other factors to consider if you are planning on taking vaping devices abroad:

  • Can you vape on a plane?
  • Are you able to take your vape through security?
  • Where can you store your vape on a plane?

This guide will discuss these important points to consider when traveling with your vape.

Am I Permitted To Bring E-Liquid On A Commercial Flight?

You can take your vape juice or e-liquid onto a plane. However, you must review the measurements of the liquid tanks. You cannot fly with liquid containers larger than 3.4 ounces in your carry-on luggage and are only allowed a quart-size bag of liquids in total.

If you plan to pack any toiletries such as toothpaste, hair product, or make-up in your hand luggage, you may not have room for more liquid. So you may prefer to pack your e-liquid in your checked luggage.

Using A Vaping Device On A Commercial Flight

Vaping on a plane is prohibited. You should not be using any smoking device while on a plane. Although you can take your vaping device onboard an airplane, you cannot use it. Remember, you are only taking the vaping device in your carry-on luggage because it contains a lithium battery and could be a fire hazard in your checked baggage.

There are severe legal penalties if you vape while on a plane. There have been cases where people received a lifetime ban from flying for secretly vaping in the airplane bathroom. Therefore, it is important to respect other travelers and airline rules while onboard the aircraft.

Using A Vaping Device In The Airport

Whether or not you can vape at an airport depends on the airport itself. In North America, the Miami, Tampa, and Toronto airports all allow people to vape.

However, the majority of airports across the world do not allow vaping in the airport terminal. For example, in the United Kingdom, using a vaping device inside the airport is banned.

Once you are inside the terminal and ready to board your flight, you will be unable to vape until you arrive at your destination, unless the airport offers a designated smoking room.


It’s important to check the specific rules for whichever airports you intend to visit in the near future. Each airport, state, and country has its own laws regarding vaping, and the last thing you want is to be caught unprepared. 


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