Can You Bring A Vape On A Plane If Under 21?


Over the last few years, vaping has become common among those under 21. The enticing aromas and intense advertisements might have something to do with it.

Gen-Z can often be seen vaping in public and most wouldn’t leave the house without their vape.

Because there are so many young vapers traveling nowadays, it begs the question: Can you bring your vape on a plane if you’re under 21?

Keep reading to find out.

Bringing A Vape On A Plane

The TSA has no policy regarding the use of vapes by minors, including people under 21. Therefore, you can bring a vape on a plane regardless of your age.

If you’re flying with a vape or bringing a vape on an airplane, it should be kept in the carry-on baggage rather than in the check-in luggage.

State governments are responsible for the implementation of such laws, whereas TSA's sole purpose is to ensure passenger safety.

Why Aren’t Vapes Allowed In The Checked Baggage?

Vape devices cannot be transported via airplanes in checked luggage, no matter your age.

The majority of vape devices are powered by lithium batteries, which, when exposed to excessive heat, can lead to disastrous outcomes.

You could always double-check with a TSA agent first but, chances are, they won’t allow it in your checked baggage unless it doesn’t contain a lithium battery.

Will The TSA Seize Your Vape?

Even if you are under 21 years of age, TSA won't take your vape if it is in your carry-on luggage, such as your handbag, purse, or even your pocket.

You will always be asked at the check-in counter if your check-in bag contains any electronic devices, and if you have a vape in it, you will be asked to bring it with you in your carry-on bag or purse.

You must be at least 21 years old in most states to purchase vape products, but you are free to travel with it as long as you comply with the rules. If you are under the age of 21 and already possess a vape, you’ll likely have no issue carrying it.

How to Pass Through Airport Security With A Vape

There should be no need to worry as it's perfectly legal to bring a vape through airport security, and it's unlikely that the TSA will ask you to take it out of your carry-on luggage.

It is possible that you will be asked to remove the device to be scanned, but there is no need to worry. Just as with our laptops, this is a standard procedure.

Is It Legal To Vape On A Plane?

It is a federal offense to use vapes on an aircraft and is prohibited by all the airlines and the TSA.

Most likely, you’ll be issued with a fine. At the very least, if you are caught vaping on the plane, don't be surprised if cabin crew members seize your vaporizer, but the penalties can get much worse.

Penalties For Vaping In-Flight

An individual can be fined anywhere between $50 to $4,000 for smoking or vaping on a flight, though the offense itself is usually not punishable by jail time. Although, if you cause a flight to be diverted and forced to land due to vaping, the consequences can be very serious, including possible jail time.

A person can face immediate repercussions if found to be tampering with a smoke detector or failing to comply with crew members' instructions, such as ceasing to smoke.

Depending on the destination country, there is a possibility that you could be arrested upon arrival on some international flights.

In-Flight Enforcement

More often than not, a flight crew member will politely ask a passenger who has engaged in an activity that is non-dangerous and prohibited, to stop.

However, the problem can quickly escalate when a person refuses to comply with a crew member's instruction. In that case, they will likely face much more serious consequences, possibly even getting blacklisted to a no-fly status.

In-flight smoking violations account for approximately 10% of all FAA fines.

Tips For Traveling With Your Vape

  • Avoid turning on your vape in the aircraft and never attempt to charge the device. It is important to disassemble the batteries and parts when boarding a flight.
  • Confirm with each individual airline about their corresponding rules on the use of vapes. They might have stricter regulations and verifying them is important.
  • Flying with vaping devices and other similar devices internationally, including cannabis vapes, is not recommended. The country you intend to visit may have a different policy on these substances. Even if you're traveling within the United States, certain states prohibit the use of such substances, so be sure to check out any laws that may apply to you at your final destination.


Remember that you can bring a vape on a plane regardless of your age as long as it's in your carry-on bags.

Never attempt to vape or charge the device in-flight, as this will land you in hot water.

Also, to comply with TSA laws and regulations, don't bring more than 100ml of vape pods in your carry-on, and also make sure you disassemble the batteries and parts before you get on the flight.


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