Can You Put Water In A Vape?


Vaping is becoming quite popular. Besides younger individuals using the hip accessory to look cool, it's proven that vaping is a much safer and healthier alternative to smoking. In fact, a sizable number of older smokers have successfully used vaping to kick their smoking habit to the curb.

As you may already know, the sheer variety of e-juice you can put in a vape is mind-blowing. But you’ll find a good number of vapers, particularly newbies, opting to begin their journey by vaping plain water. This begs the question; can you put water in a vape?

Quite frankly, there’s no rule against putting water in a vape, so yes, you can. But whether you'll get the ultimate vaping experience with water remains to be seen.

So let’s unpack the pros and cons of vaping H2O a bit further so that you can make an informed decision.

Who Would Put Water In A Vape And Why?

Experienced vapers will probably find the idea of putting water in a vape rather amusing or baffling.

But what of beginner vapers? Not so much. Newbies treading cautiously with their newfound habit are likely to experiment with water.

Also, people who aren't familiar with e-liquids tend to use water because they usually believe e-liquids are just as harmful as cigarettes.

Whichever the case, everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you feel water sounds like the most logical and healthy option, then, by all means, go for it.

Advantages Of Using Water In A Vape

Vapes are typically filled with liquids such as Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. When inhaled over long periods, those substances can cause serious health conditions such as lung inflammation. That's something you don't have to worry about with water.

Inhaling water vapor is just that—inhaling hot steam. By the time hot steam reaches your lungs, it would have already turned to room temperature and does little to no harm to your body. However, you may suffer consequences if you regularly vape hot steam.

If you decide to use water in a vape, you can switch things up by adding flavors, such as mint. However, chances are you'll only enjoy a whiff of the flavor, if any at all, when compared to using a flavored e-liquid.

Disadvantages Of Using Water In A Vape

Water in its natural state is undoubtedly a harm-free substance. The same can’t be said about hot water. Inhaling hot steam can be a very uncomfortable experience, and you might damage your airways. Over time, inhaling hot steam can also negatively impact the overall health of your mouth, such as burning your lips and pharynx. In the most extreme cases, it may even alter your speech!

Aside from steam potentially negatively impacting your oral health, you can say goodbye to the typical feel-good sensation you get from vaping e-liquids. That’s because water vapor isn’t as thick as e-liquids.

In addition, putting water in a vape interferes with the coveted aesthetics associated with vaping. You won’t be able to form those cool shapes and clouds that are possible when you use e-liquids. Since vapes are designed for use with e-liquids, there's also a chance that you might prematurely damage the coils by vaping water.


When it comes to vape, everyone is free to experiment. Using water in vapes is one of the most common experiments. So feel free to do so. Inhaling steam certainly has fewer negative consequences than e-liquid. Because while e-liquids are safer than smoking, they have a few pitfalls of their own. When using e-liquid, you put yourself at risk of developing different illnesses such as lung inflammation.

But that's not to say inhaling hot water isn't without its drawbacks. When you inhale hot steam, you risk burning your mouth as well as your vocal cords—and prematurely damaging your vape in the process. Plus, you won't get to experience the satisfaction or sensations of inhaling e-liquids. But at the end of the day, whether or not you decide to vape water is up to you.


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