Can You Vape Weed?


 What Is Vaping?

Vaping refers to the use of an electronic device to inhale vapor instead of smoke. This device is usually referred to as a vaporizer or simply "vape" for short. It consists of an atomizer, tank (also called an oven) for storing the appropriate liquid extracts or dried herbs, and a battery. The vape will create heat which affects the liquid or herbs and generates the vapor that is inhaled.

Vapes come in three main types: liquid extract, dried herb, or dual. Dual vapes can be used for both liquids and herbs, making them incredibly versatile and handy. They are adjustable in terms of the amount of heat produced, which allows you to control the burn rate of the extract or herbs. This in turn changes the strength of the effect. You can also modify how much vapor is produced with each inhale, adjusting it to your desired level for comfort, preference, and effect.

The batteries are removable and fully rechargeable. And the best vapes are made of ceramics and glass, ensuring safety, cleanliness and peace of mind that they are free from potential contaminants.

What Is Weed?

Weed is the casual term used to describe marijuana, a psychoactive derivative from the cannabis plant. It is most commonly used recreationally, to achieve a relaxed and "high" sensation.

However, recent studies have found that marijuana has some medicinal qualities. It has shown itself to be effective in the treatment of managing chronic pain, anxiety, and several other health complaints.

How Is Cannabis Normally Taken?

Cannabis has traditionally been smoked. The leaves and buds from the plant are harvested and dried, so they can burn more easily. The product is usually chopped finely to further facilitate burning. From there, one method is to roll it into paper, then light and smoke it like a cigarette. This creation is commonly called a "joint."

Another way to smoke dried, chopped cannabis is by using a bong or pipe. A bong is like a smaller, portable version of a hookah. Essentially, it is a filtration device normally made of glass or ceramics, which has a small amount of water added. Historically they have also been fashioned out of bamboo.

A miniature pipe forms part of the bong, with the cannabis placed into it and lit. Inhaling through the mouthpiece of the bong filters the smoke through the water, and creates a much stronger, more potent effect than smoking a joint.

A pipe is a simpler version, with a tube for inhalation and the cannabis being placed within the small chamber and lit. This generally creates a high of strength somewhere between a joint and a bong.

Is Smoking Cannabis Safe?

Even though cannabis is considered a generally "safe" drug, smoking it does cause complications. The truth is that smoking anything will cause damage to the throat and lungs.

The human body is not designed to safely ingest smoke, so prolonged smoking of cannabis can lead to complications. For this reason, it is wise to consider a safer, healthier alternative. This is where vaping comes in.

Is Vaping Cannabis Safer Than Smoking It?

Smoke is harsh on the human body. But vapor is far gentler. It is lighter than smoke and, unlike smoke, does not linger within the airways. It is a far more natural, healthier way to take cannabis. Studies on vaping are still relatively new, given that it is still a recent development.

However, it has already been found that vaping is far safer and less harsh than smoking. There are also no differences in terms of producing the desired "high" effect.

So, Can You Vape Cannabis?

Yes, you absolutely can. If you have a herb or dual vaporizer, you can vape the dried cannabis directly. If you have an extract only vaporizer, you will need to either purchase marijuana vape liquid or make your own by extracting it from the cannabis.

Vaping cannabis is safer than smoking it and will not negatively affect your high. It is cleaner, more convenient, and healthier.


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