Celebs Vaping with Top Rated Vaporizers


Whether they are trying to kick a bad habit of smoking cigarettes or are having a night out on the town, celebrities are vaping. Some famous faces receive endorsements, yes, but others have tried it, liked it and who knows if they will ever go back. Just who are these well-known faces and what is their preferred vaping method?

Christina Millian

Celebs Vaping - Christina Millian

Yes, a portable eHookah company has endorsed her, but this bombshell music artist is taking the job very seriously. Photos can be found everywhere from Tumblr to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. This leading lady has a dedicated following online with her photos always gaining more than 10,000 likes (her sponsor certainly cannot complain). There is nothing like a gorgeous, likeable celebrity to help gain traction and credibility for your brand!

Johnny Depp

Celebs Vaping - Johnny Depp

Ever wonder if cigarettes smoked by celebrities on the big screen are the real deal? If you look closely at scenes with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie in “The Tourist” (2010) you are sure to find an answer. Johnny Depp is clearly smoking an e-cigarette. Whether this is the actor’s choice or product placement, we cannot be sure, but we do know that most famous people want to stay healthy and this is one way to do it.

Those are just a couple of celebrities we know who vapes but we're pretty sure there are more. Do you know other celebrities who vape? Share on the comments below.

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