Choosing The Best Portable Vaporizer


Choosing the best portable vaporizer can be a challenge. Once upon a time the only herbal vaporizer you could easily find on the market were those huge table top units. However more people are out and on the go these days and the public shifts toward a healthier lifestyle and that creates a demand for smaller, more portable, and more convenient herbal vaporizers.

We wanted to take a moment to go over the features of our original DaVinci Ascent vaporizer to help you make the best choice when choosing the right portable vaporizer for you.

The DaVinci is a classic! Being a classic doesn’t mean the DaVinci is outdate though! Quite the contrary! Most vaporizers today are still not on the same impressive quality level as the original DaVinci! When you say the phrase “Best high end portable vaporizer for dry herbs and essential oils” the DaVinci is what comes to mind first every time!

Check out the original DaVinci Vaporizer Features:

You can check a feature overview of the DaVinci Classic on the video below.


Ultra Portable Size
The DaVinci is just right! Not too small, not too large! The device easily works as a handheld vaporizer and at just 1 inch thick it can fit right into your jeans pocket as well! It’s easy to carry, easy to conceal, and large enough to know you’re vaping with power!

Precision Temperature Controls
It’s a custom world and you want a customer experience! You can easily adjust the temperature by the degree to customize your experience. Vape it your way with DaVinci!

Long Battery Life
The DaVinci battery will last you up to 1.4 hours. We use premium quality rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries. You can even vape via built in pass-thru technology while you are still charging!

The DaVinci Vaporizer features a hidden “stash box” that holds approximately 3 bowls worth of dried herbs. Now you will be able to leave the house without carrying extra supplies!

Premium Materials
We use the best quality materials we can when we make a vaporizer for you! The Davinci vaporizer uses a 304 stainless steel chamber, non-leaded solders, medical grade silicone seals, and a ultra high temperature body to ensure that your device not only vapes great but also stays looking great!

Durable Construction
The DaVinci vaporizer is a tank! We built this device for durability and that is exactly what it does! We perform extensive testing on our units including dropping them from 10ft at least 6 times to ensure that even if you get a little rough, your vaping experience won’t.

And so much more…

If you’ve ever considered getting a portable vaporizer now is the time! We have dropped the price of the original DaVinci from $169.99 to $129.99 and every person who purchases an original DaVinci vaporizer while supplies last will also receive a free accessory pack, a free car charger, and free shipping within the US! Vaporizer accessories is 20% OFF! Hurry! These great deals are for a limited time only!

DaVinci Vaporizers is committed to providing every customer with premium quality products and prestige level service. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and let us answer all of your questions or just stop by to say hi!

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