Consuming with Intention - The Secret of the Marijuana Plant


The effects of cannabis use are largely based on the intent and energy that one desires—whether this is conscious or subconscious—which is one of the main reasons it has been used spiritually for centuries.

For some people, using marijuana for the first time can be quite daunting—especially since we have heard repeatedly from a young age to “just say no” because of its effects and “addictive” qualities. You certainly can’t forget those…interesting, to put it lightly, commercials from D.A.R.E that represented your brain as something similar to a fried egg after smoking weed.

That imagery is certainly scary and has worked effectively on other generations and populations over time. However, the more experience a person has with cannabis, the more they realize that the tales told were way over the top. Cannabis propaganda led people to form strong convictions and feelings about how this plant can influence their experience of its effects. As many people who utilize cannabis know, these effects are based on intent and energy—whether conscious or subconscious—which is one of the reasons it has been used for thousands of years as a method of enlightenment.

Cannabis affects everyone differently. Some people enjoy consuming huge amounts of marijuana while others have smoked once and vowed to never try it again—and it all comes down to the person and his or her lifestyle - check out the video below. One way to describe this disparity is with “vibrations,” frequencies that are unique to you and interact uniquely with the mental effects of cannabis. These vibrations are heavily tied to your conscious and subconscious thoughts, and similarly linked with personality type. 

Granted, we acknowledge that there are many other factors that play into the effects of cannabis including strain, dosage, and environment. Scott Teal, who is a spiritual advisor, states that cannabis affects everyone differently due to these vibrations. He explains that someone with a lower vibration than the plant is likely to feel better because the plant raises their vibration. However, if someone with higher vibrations than the plant ingests it, they may have feelings of paranoia or sadness.

For those who have not yet realized the secret of marijuana, then allow us to explain it to you: it all comes down to intent. You need to decide what effect you want the plant to have before actually consuming it. Without this step, your subconscious will decide what effect it will have and will usually play to consuming thoughts that may already be bothering you. What’s great about harnessing intent is that you can begin to use cannabis as a productive tool for something as simple as relaxing, all the way up to something as complex as enlightenment.

While cannabis may not lead to enlightenment for everyone, it can be as a useful tool for a lot of people. As demonstrated by historic practices, it can aid in achieving new levels of spirituality and can help users explore things in new ways. Of course, it is best not to have preconceived notions that are too far-fetched—set your intentions, be open-minded and allow the rest to happen organically. If you prepare yourself properly before beginning, you may be surprised where you can be taken by the plant.

The reason so many people have a skewed view of cannabis is because they personally have not benefited or come to understand the potential power the plant has. For those who have the right vibrations for cannabis along with an understanding of how to control your high, you can use marijuana to have a positive influence on your life—and possibly achieve enlightenment, whatever that may amount to in the end.

The physical cannabis is the same whether it is used for its varied levels of euphoria (the high), for relaxation and laughter in a social setting with friends, or with the desire to relieve pain and sleep through the night.

Therefore, it makes sense that the only difference between recreational and medical cannabis is the intention with which it is consumed. The results desired from the cannabis will affect the amount and the consumption method chosen. This mindful, intention-based approach can be referred to as therapeutic cannabis use. Understanding the fundamentals of cannabis can be the key to success when making choices to achieve goals or intention.

Likewise, understanding the different effects of the active compounds in cannabis (phytocannabinoids) is a vital part of being able to select cannabis to compliment your intention. There are over 100 different types of cannabinoids, but the main ones that are found in the highest concentrations are THC and CBD.

CBD (cannabidiol) induces a calming anti-anxiety sensation, while also offering pain relief, as it does not have the strong euphoric and psychoactive properties of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THCv (Tetrahydrocannabivarin), possesses the ability to suppress your appetite. CBN (cannabinol), is extremely effective at inducing sleep. Continuing to get familiar with more cannabinoids could allow you to make better consumption decisions that match your intention.

Further, terpenes are the essential oils that help to drive the mood and feeling of each cannabis strain (also cultivar or varietal) so it is wise to match your intended feeling with the terpene that is best known to provide it. Learn more about terpenes on the video below.

These terpene profiles are what lead to a strain being described as a sativa or indica. Sativa strains are often high in the terpene limonene which is uplifting and energetic while indica strains tend to be loaded with myrcene which helps with sleep.

The different methods available of consuming cannabis also alter how the cannabinoids and terpenes are absorbed in the body, so familiarizing yourself with these can help you to decide which method is best for you.

Smoking is a fast-acting popular method of consumption, but there are many other alternatives for the health-conscious consumer. By focusing on microdosing, as with a vaporizer, when you are trying a new strain, you are able to carefully monitor its effects in relation to the intention that you have.

When you need some energy for socializing, one draw (or microdose) of a sativa strain on your DaVinci portable vaporizer is perfect for this. When you are having trouble falling asleep, you could use a low dose of indica. When you are feeling anxious or stressed, a CBD-rich strain could help to calm you. When you are feeling uninspired or are struggling to problem solve, you can turn to your IQ vaporizer for assistance.

As you can see, there are different strains of cannabis that will help you with different situations, and you should focus on matching up the feeling that you want with the cannabis strain and its effects. Continued cannabis education can help you to control the physical and mental experience you desire by choosing strains based on the intention that you have, rather than playing a guessing game every time. This will allow you to explore cannabis as part of a healthy lifestyle.

When you use cannabis meditatively, with intention and focus, its ability to clarify and amplify can both shine a light on the illusions you carry as well as invite you to release into a deeper, more relaxed, open-hearted presence. As with other entheogenic medicines, cannabis is a condensed and heightened mindfulness and awareness meditation. Intention is a key starting point for that realization.

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