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Davinci IQ gives you control

In the modern day and age, everyone is striving to have more control – whether that be at work and how they perform their job duties, with their health and what they put into their bodies, and with their social lives, both in person and via social media.

This yearning for control translates to the vaporizing world as well. As people want to live healthier, more enlightened lives, so to do they seek the same experience from their vaporizer. There are many aspects of vaporizing that appeal to people and influence them to sw itch from the classic burning method of herb, like:

• Portable vaporizers are easier to carry and give off less odor than alternative methods of herb consumption. This means that vaporizing is more discreet.

• Modern vaporizers, like the DaVinci IQ, allow the user to choose a specific temperature. This allows you to vape a number of different herbs, or even the same herb, as you are given control over what effects you desire from your herb as well as the ability to find the specific temperatures that various herbs re quire for proper vaporization.

• The DaVinci IQ allows the user to turn off the vaporizer at any given time and return later to the same herb. As opposed to a burning method, this means you can control how much you intake at once and exactly how long your sessions are.

• Various accessories, like the flavor chamber or Nectar Collector Honeybird Combo, allow you to control how your vapor tastes (with the former) and how cool your vapor is (with the latter).

As you can see, there are many aspects of vaping that appeal to a plethora of modern lifestyles. Going off of the examples we mentioned above, as people want freedom at work to do their job creatively and comfortably it makes sense that they would want the same thing from their vapo rizer.

So, how did we go about giving them that freedom?

Davinci IQ Smart Paths

The IQ comes with 4 preset Smart Paths, allowing you to choose whichever one works best for your needs, but it also has a precision temperature mode that gives you the freedom over what exact temperature you want your herb to vaporize at and how you want it to affect your body.

As the IQ uses a conduction method of heating, your herb is not burned, it is instead cooked, so you can turn the vaporizer off at any time without having to worry about any of your herb being wasted. You can simply turn your vaporizer off and set it down for use later. You can even use the same herb for multiple sessions, gradually increasing the temperature of the vaporizer so you continue to vaporize the herb in the oven until it is completely used up.

Similarly, as people want to live healthier lives and are more concerned in recent times with the different constituents of their foods, they also want to know exactly how different herbs will affect their bodies. There are so many different herbs out there, you want to make sure you are aware of the different temperatures they need for vaporizing and what the effects and side effects (if any) they have.

The best thing to keep in mind is to take it slowly and keep everything in moderation – at least, at first! Also – have fun! If you take it too seriously, you will forget that you should simply be enjoying yourself and vaping your way to better health and a better life, just like you have to relax your body in order for yoga to properly relax your mind and soul.

Our last example, how people want control over their social lives - whether in person or online - is something that everyone can relate to and is one of the base needs of humans in general: the need to fit in. As social media has given us the ability to craft and groom how we appear to our friends and peers, we take this further to our belongings and the things we wear. Whether this means our clo thes, shoes, bags or purses, or the type of phone we use, everything is carefully chosen to fit our persona and how we want others to perceive us.

This same care is given when choosing a vaporizer. Of course, you want one that functions properly and for the needs you require, but you also want one that looks sleek and fits your persona lity. We understand this perfectly, and we take this into consideration whenever we design a new vaporizer to add to our roster. We have so many different types of customers, so it makes sense that we would have very different types of vapes. While the purpose is generally the same and improvements are made from vaporizer to vaporizer, the main difference is in the look.

Davinci IQ and MIQRO vaporizers

Different gener ations seek different things in the technology they purchase and carry with them. We have kept this in mind with the designs of each of our vaporizers, but we also make sure that each device has an ease-of-use that has become synonymous with the name DaVinci. You can pick up the vaporizer and quickly figure out how it works – with just the press of a button (in the IQ and MIQRO’s cases, 5 times)!

Sometimes, though, there may be something that you just don’t understand or quite know how to get from your vaporizer. For times like these, we have created a very helpful FAQ page that covers some of our most common questions for each device. There are also some informative walkthroughs, including videos, for each device as well! 

Take a quick look if you haven’t; you can find these all on our support page. And, if all else fails, our excellent support team is just a few clicks away waiting to happily assist you with whatever you might need.

We also have developed a number of accessories, tailored to each device, to allow you the ability to customize each session and alter your vaporizer to transform it into anything you could imagine. Our favorites for the IQ include the glass spacers (which go directly in your oven and allow you the control over how much herb you use each session), the IQ Glove (which slides securely over your vaporizer, giving you a better grip and giving it a slight cushion for small drops), and the 10mm to 14mm Water Adapter (which allows you to connect your vaporizer to a water filtration device).

On another note, our DaVinci VIPs (those who have been loyal to us from the beginning) s hould keep their eyes out for something special coming very soon – exclusively for them! If that is not enough of a hint for you, then the following will fill in the gaps:

You may have noticed while reading this article that some random letters have been bolded. If you go back and piece them together, they will spell out a special message. When you have discovered what it is, make sure you leave a comment!

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