DaVinci IQ - Premium Product for the Discerning Type


Tired of getting that same weird look from people when you hit your vape? Those seemingly annoyed faces you see and like they’re saying “why the hell is this guy puffing from a big ass tube mod”?

You can change that. Why don’t you try the IQ and see what people’s reactions are. I bet they’d go with that “Oh, what is that cool thing he’s vaping on” look. But don’t take our word for it, INKEDMAG actually wants you to help a friend to break the flower code with the DaVinci IQ and quote:

The DaVinci IQ vaporizer—a premium product for the discerning type. Smart Path Technology and Bluetooth App Integration will make sure they’re the master of any session from start to finish.

So if you do want a change on your vaping routine and you are the discerning type - go try the IQ today.

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