DAVINCI & OASIS CANNABIS Fantastic 420 Deals for You!


Awesome deals are just around the corner this 420 weekend guys!

Just like this sweet deal of 20% off on your TOTAL PURCHASE once you get a DAVINCI MIQRO with Oasis Cannabis. You sure don't want to miss that!

The DAVINCI team will also be on site enjoying this blissful day of 420 with Oasis Cannabis. This Saturday, we'll have a booth down there where you can see our vaporizers in action and get good learning on those.Our team will be there at the Oasis Cannabis parking lot on April 20, from 4pm-7pm. 

Plus, we're throwing a cool raffle for everyone to get a chance to win a MIQRO Explorer's Collection so make sure to stay tuned for that!

To join the raffle:

- Tag @davincivaporizer and @oasiscannabislv on your FB or IG acounts during the event for an entry. We will announce the winner by 7pm. 

Don't forget, drop by at Oasis Cannabis on Saturday to enjoy all these awesome 420 deals and prizes!

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