DaVinci’s Vaping Guide for the Big Game – Super Bowl 2017


As we embark on one of the largest sports events of the year; Super Bowl Sunday, some of us are fortunate to watch our favorite team go on to play for the ultimate champion in American football.

Then, there's also the majority of us that are left with bitter feelings from our team's ability to, excuse the pun, drop the ball and leave us without a spot in the final matchup. It just is what it is.

Whether you’re a part of the winners circle, enjoying the rivalry, or wallowing in sorrow, adding the DAVINCI IQ to your viewing party can make it a more interesting experience . We intend to show you over time.

The first experience stems from the flow of the game and how to captivate and enjoy the IQ at different ranges for an array of feelings that you may be experiencing for your very first time. Temperature control is something which gives you the ability to craft your own vapor experience. Sure you have dabbled with vaporizers and other consumption devices, but we are asking you to take a journey into understanding your invested choice of vaporizer just a little more seriously. The second experience is a really great game, no matter the outcome. The infographic below delivers a guide to, what we believe to be, two experiences with vaporization and enjoying the big game.

DaVinci Vapor Bowl - Super Bowl 2017

To be honest, there’s incredible respect to anyone that goes and physically watches what could be one of the greatest games in Super Bowl history. On the other hand, with the cost of ticket prices, apparel, swag and food/drink, there’s also the chance that it could be a blowout and your team may be on the bad end of that…that’s going to be one long trip home.

Hey there’s always the historical tradition that you go to a cool party where you join friends and family to enjoy endless piles of snacks, grilled food, and beer while huddling around a big screen television - then it's game time. From the seemingly endless barrage of hilarious commercials to a generally over-the-top halftime show performance - it’s generally non-stop action from beginning to end.

We at DaVinci Vaporizer understand how important any event like this mostly because it comes down to experience. As visionaries of experience from design to your hand, we want to show you there are no limitations to  what our latest vaporizer can do!

Depending on your choice of strain or type of herb, you’ll find there’s an elevated approach to vaporization and we truly believe the DAVINCI IQ empowers that. Enjoy the Vapor Bowl infographic and feel free to share your experience or how you enjoy your IQ on  Facebook or directly at info@davincivaporizer.com

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