Difference Between Vapes and Portable Vaporizers


You have seen them everywhere. Streets, clubs, restaurants or at home. But have you ever wondered the difference between the popular vapes and portable vaporizers. Yes, vaping is now a phenomenon and in this blog post, we want to show you the main differences of these popular vaping device - between Vapes/Mods and Portable Vaporizer. The infographic below will show you an illustration on what the pros and cons are of each device. Let's dive in.

The Difference Between Vapes & Portable Vaporizers

When it comes to giving up smoking, we no longer have to go "cold turkey". That's because we can use vapes and portable vaporizers. So for a quick summary:

Digital/Mechanical Vapes
- wide spread use first started around two ago years ago
- these devices only vape e-juice
- cartomizers(catridge + atomizers) can get bought from any supplier

Portable Vaporizers
- uses 100% all-glass path
- glass-coded ceramic bowl chamber
- precision temperature control

You can also check this video below for more clarity.

Now that you know the difference between vapes and portable vaporizers, this should help you make a rather good choice of what to go for.

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