Essential Accessories: Miqro


Purity, Innovation and Control: In Your Pocket. 

The  DAVINCI Miqro is the talk of the dry herb vaporizer community. With it's attractive new price (now through 4/23), sleek design, and discreet portability (along with the Purity of vapor DAVINCI is famous for), there are now more Miqro owners than ever before. What's next for Miqro? A second iteration? An innovative new purpose? A revolution in how we view portable dry herb vaporizers? Only time will tell. But for now, you want to elevate your cannabis experience when using the vaporizer critics say is "advanced for it's time", and we have the kit you need to make that happen. Let's talk Miqro accessories. 

Pack Even More Power

A smaller body does mean a smaller battery. For light use consumers, one battery has more than enough of a charge for you to get where you're going. But for the more hardcore vape ents out there, an extra battery or two is a must. Charge them up, strap them down, and go with confidence. Nothing is going to interrupt your session when you're packing even more power with you on the go. Pick up a spare here

A Stash That Lasts.

A smaller oven means less goes to waste when you're heating dry herb. This is great for those who use the Miqro to recover from a workout with premium CBD flower, or even medical patients who microdose. That said, some of you want to get absolutely ripped with your device, and for that we have just what you need. Your stash should be just as inconspicuous as your car keys, so we created the Carrying Can XL, an airtight container that can fit your flower AND a spare Miqro battery more than comfortably. You'll never have to worry about not having enough flower with you again, and trust us, when using a DAVINCI Vaporizer, a little is enough. Be prepared. Grab yourself a Carrying Can XL right here

Travel Light. 

Do you have a long drive ahead of you? We've got you covered there too. Charge your Miqro in the comfort of your vehicle, so you know when you get there you're powered up for a session. Click  here and grab a USB car charger for your Miqro and travel light. 

Cool, Clean, Control.  

When it comes to taking care of your portable vaporizer, regular cleaning is absolutely essential. Our Miqro Accessory kit comes with everything you need to clean and properly maintain your vaporizer. Our mission is to put a DAVINCI in the hands of every cannabis consumer, from vape curious to verified vape ent. The longer your Miqro lasts you, the greater our success in that mission. Get a Miqro Accessory kit here and extend the life of your Miqro.

Did We Miss Something?

We encourage you to browse  the full suite of DAVINCI Miqro Accessories. And if there is something you think you need that we haven't got, let us know! 

We hope you enjoy your DAVINCI Miqro, and from all of us to enlightened minds everywhere: Stay Safe, Remain Vigilant, and Vape Responsibly.  

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