Georgia Cannabis Laws


The recreational use of cannabis across the US is a lot more accepted now than it was a decade or two ago. With the legalization of the plant for both medical and recreational purposes, demand continues to increase. From individuals diagnosed with life-threatening diseases to the average Joe looking to have fun, cannabis seems to be the go-to herb for many US residents. However it is still highly regulated and considered an illegal drug in some states, with its uses limited to medicinal treatments.

Currently, cannabis is approved in eighteen US states, and Georgia is not lagging far behind. Still, the Georgia cannabis lawsare somewhat different from other states.

In Georgia, medical CBD is legal if it contains less than 0.3% THC. Residents can carry moderate amounts of cannabis for medical use if they have a prescription. Except in a few cities in Georgia, carrying unprescribed cannabis is a misdemeanor and is punishable by a fine or up to a year in prison. Carrying more than an ounce of cannabis is a felony and comes with a penalty of up to ten years in prison.

If you’re wondering how Georgia’s laws differ between CBC vs. CBD, we’ll discuss that below too.

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Cannabis Laws In Georgia

The history of cannabis in Georgia dates back to 1980, when it was first approved for patients suffering from glaucoma and for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Before this, the state held several trials concerning the usage of cannabis in the medical field. As such, the legalization of cannabis was a revolutionary act that sparked a trend that saw the approval of the herb in other parts of the country.

Yet, it was not until 1995 that the plant was approved for usage in the medical field beyond glaucoma and cancer. Today, people can easily access cannabis from their nearest licensed outlets if they hold a valid prescription. The Georgia cannabis laws stipulate that cannabis oil should contain less than 5% THC.

Georgia maintains a traditional stance on recreational usage, except for in cities like Atlanta and Savannah, where the plant is decriminalized. Unprescribed personal possession of cannabis carries a misdemeanor charge punishable by a year in prison. Depending on the ruling, there may be an additional fine of $1,000 or a year of public service. If you’re found with over an ounce, it becomes a felony with anywhere between one to ten years of imprisonment.

CBC And CBD Laws In Georgia

When it comes to CBC vs. CBD, different laws apply. CBC, also known as cannabichromene, was developed in 1966 but hasn’t received much attention in the medical field. However, its therapeutic benefits are commendable. In comparison, CBD, short for cannabidiol, was discovered in 1940 and has been subject to extensive research. Both these compounds, along with THC, are the most prevalent in cannabis.

Patient possession limits vary following the amount of CBC and CBD properties found in the medication. CBD is legal if it contains less than 0.3% THC. Any prescription that exceeds this limit is subject to heavy scrutiny as stated by law. Similarly, unprescribed possession of CBD or CBC is an offense punishable by fines, public service, or imprisonment.

Summing Up

Cannabis use is becoming more popular in the US. But before you buy buds, oil, or any other products, you need to know what the law in your state says about cannabis. In Georgia, the rules governing the usage of cannabis are strict in terms of dosage, hence the preference of its natural alternative – CBD (as it contains low levels of THC). While cannabis is legal in the medical field, it remains illegal for personal and recreational purposes.

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