Glass Spacer Set To Use Less But Vape More


Have you ever wondered how you can effectively maximize your herbs? You might have tried several ways how to achieve it but nothing worked. So yeah, how can you vape more with less material? It’s simple. Try the all-new, special glass spacer set from DaVinci™.


It’s pretty nifty and it does the job – to use less material so that you can effectively maximize your vaping sessions. It is used to pack the bowl half full of loose leaf, while maintaining the surrounding radiant temperature in order to vaporize more efficiently when using less material. You can use your Ascent portable vaporizer for this and simply load your favorite loose leaf into the glass bowl about half full or about 20%-25% full. Then insert one of the glass spacers into the bowl and gently push down until the spacer sits lower than the top edge of the bowl. Making sure that you carefully leave enough clearance for your Ascent vaporizer to close without resistance. You can then close the unit and vape like you normally would. Just make sure that when you unload your bowl, you need to use caution as the glass spacer may be hot.

Now that you know this technique, go ahead and call your friends to try this out. You can craft your buzz too to maximize the effects of your high. You can definitely vape with less herbs now with the glass spacers while achieving the same effects you want out of your plant material. Remember, it all depends on the temperature so if you know how to control your temperature settings accordingly and use the glass spacer to use less herb, you would definitely save more of your “stash” in the next coming months. Savings for you without compromising your experience. What else could you ask for? In fact, we found a review site using this same technique to use less herb and effectively buzzcraft – check the video below.

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