How CBD Helps the Body to Heal


cannabis oil being poured

What does the word “healing” mean to you? Regardless of your specific answer, there is power in saying “yes” to healing. Opening yourself to this possibility can begin your path to physical, mental, and emotional health.

Healing is about learning for yourself what is holding you back to begin with. 

It is even quite common for you to get in your own way. The inward aspect of healing is allowing, relaxing, and a willingness to see things a different way. The outward aspect can mean many things, one of which is plant medicine. Medicinal plants can play a much bigger role in your life by helping you to maintain a balanced and healthy state. 

Plant medicine works through nutrients that bind with many parts of the body. These nutrients support biochemical processes, many of which increase physical, mental, and emotional health. Plants differ from pharmaceuticals in that they are supportive and therapeutic without being dictatorial. In the video below, we give you what experts think about CBD can do to your body for training and recovery.

Cannabis Plant

Of all medicinal plants, Cannabis is recognized as one of the most important. 

It is unique because it is the only plant to contain significant amounts of different cannabinoids. Many doctors and nutritionists claim that cannabinoids should be listed as essential nutrients.

Most of you reading this are already familiar with how cannabinoids support the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS helps to balance the immune system and increase cell-to-cell communication. 

Cannabis is the closest thing to a panacea of all the plants available: it lowers blood sugar levels, reduces muscle spasms, relieves anxiety, is used to manage psychosis, and features anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties.

As you can see, there are many ways that Cannabis, specifically CBD, can help the body to heal. It can increase your resiliency while also supporting multiple areas of the body. Lucky for you, our vaporizers are the perfect way to consume Cannabis consciously. They allow you the freedom to vaporize herbs however you want and the control to specify how you intake CBD. The video below shows an herbalist using different herbs for healing, including cannabis.

Whether you use one of our older devices like the DaVinci Classic or the Ascent, or one of our newer devices like the IQ or the MIQRO, you are getting a world-class vaporizer that gives you everything you need to start your way to a healthy life.

True healing and a healthy life begin with a shift in how you relate to yourself – this equates to a willingness to pinpoint where your issues are stemming from, and to address them at their source is the perfect place to start. 

This shift is not always easy and in fact can be quite difficult. CBD can help to provide support at the most fundamental level. 

This means CBD is, in this case, saying “yes” to healing. 

So, go ahead and say yes! We would love to hear how you say “yes” to healing and a healthier life, so make sure to leave a comment with your favorite CBD products as well as your favorite way to use DaVinci and our vaporizers to do so!

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