How Long Before Your Stash Goes Bad?


How Long Will Your Stash Last?

How long does cannabis keep? Under ideal storage conditions, cannabis can stay relatively fresh for a length of time that may surprise you.

When properly harvested, dried, cured, and then stored, your weed will be safe to consume for anywhere from six months to a year.

If you are meticulous about marijuana freshness and integrity, it's possible to extend that time further. Even up to two years.

For most consumers, conditions are less than ideal. Without humidity controlled storage containers and perfect light/temperature conditions, don’t expect to get a full year out of your weed.

In general, it is recommended to consume all your weed within six months of purchasing it. But if you’ve invested in high-quality storage equipment, use your best judgement.

The Scientific Answer

First, it’s important to understand what actually happens to marijuana as it ages.

Over time, the cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis break down and lose potency.

As the terpenes break down, your bud loses flavor and scent. As a result, old bud is relatively tasteless and lacks that distinctive, sharp odor that fresh weed is supposed to have. When the terpenes have broken down, your weed won’t taste or smell the way it should.

Similarly, and probably more importantly, cannabinoids also break down over time. Old, worn out bud won’t be as potent because a lot of the THC will have broken down and dissipated.

Here are the results of a report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

  • After one year, weed loses roughly 16% of its THC.
  • Two years in storage results in a loss of 26% of its THC.
  • Weed loses 34% of its THC after three years.
  • After four years in storage, weed loses 41% of its THC.

Has Your Stash Expired?

Here's how to tell if a bag of weed that's been under your car seat for....a while has gone bad:

  • Is it moldy? If your weed was too moist or humid, it may develop mold. Do not smoke moldy weed!
  • Is it dried out? If your bud has crumbled into dust, it’s obviously too old.
  • Does it smell fresh? Old marijuana lacks the crisp scent of fresh weed.
  • Does it break apart? If it’s spongy and doesn’t make any sounds when you pull apart a nug, it might be damp and moldy. If it instantly breaks down into dry dust, it’s too old.

So, Does Weed Go Bad?

The short answer is yes.

Keeping your weed fresh means a better cannabis experience. The longer cannabis is exposed to environmental factors such as light and air, the more the cannabinoids and terpenes deteriorate. So if you want weed that will taste and smell great, freshness is the key.

How to Keep Weed Fresh for Longer


To keep flower fresh, store it properly. Limiting exposure to light and open air, maintaining a proper humidity level, typically somewhere in the range of 54 percent to 63 percent, are effective measures.

Store your stash in a small glass mason jar, or a container designed specifically for marijuana. Keep the lid on tight, don’t open it very often, and keep it in a cool dark place.

And for humidity control, you can toss in a humidity control pack. If you want to step up your game, store your weed in a dedicated cannabis humidor.


To keep edibles fresh, leave them in their original package and store them in a place that’s away from open air and direct light. Be sure they’re in a cool location, as many types of edibles—especially things like hard candies and gummies—can easily melt.


The best way to keep your concentrates fresh and potent is to store them in small containers designed specifically for dabs. These are typically made out of glass, silicone, or a similar material. Keep the lids on tight and store the containers in a cool, dark place.

Source: HighTimes

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