How Long Does Vape Stay In Your Body?


What Is Cannabis Vape?

Cannabis, as most people know, is a natural substance derived from the cannabis plant. Also commonly called marijuana, it has been used for centuries for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Traditionally, cannabis is smoked. This tends to be in the form of a joint, after the substance has been dried and put inside of rolling papers. It can also be smoked through a pipe or filtration device such as a bong.

But smoking is not great for the body. Inhaling smoke can cause issues with the throat, lungs, and heart, not to mention creating an odor which many consider unpleasant. Another way to use cannabis is vaping. This uses a vaporizer to heat up the dried cannabis flower or cannabis extraction and creates a vapor that you inhale, instead of smoke. It is safer, cleaner, healthier, and will provide you with the same desired effects.

When used for recreational purposes, users are seeking relaxation and a "high." This "high" is caused by the active ingredient in marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. Generally, the higher the THC, the stronger the effect. And this is true whether cannabis is smoked or vaped.

Does Cannabis Vape Show Up In Drug Tests?

This is a very important question for anyone who enjoys cannabis and needs to take a drug test. Whether for work or legal reasons, drug tests are becoming more commonplace. So, you need to have a general understanding of how they work.

What is crucial to know here is that whether cannabis is smoked or vaped makes no difference to drug testing. The reason for this is that a drug test for cannabis does not look for smoke or vapor. It looks for THC. No matter how you have consumed the cannabis, the THC will be in your system and, therefore, will show up in a drug test.

How To Clear THC From The Body

It would be very stressful to have a drug test looming and know that you likely have THC in your system. Unlike other drugs, THC from cannabis tends to remain in your body for a long time. While you cannot completely clear all traces of THC from your body, you can do some things to reduce it slightly, which could mean passing a drug test. The following should be done as part of a regular, healthy lifestyle, rather than a last minute "quick fix" to clear THC.

  • Exercise regularly
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Perform regular, natural cleanses and detoxes

What Makes THC Stay In The Body Longer?

How long THC remains inside your body depends on a wide variety of factors. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle as outlined in the above steps, it is likely your body will clear itself of THC faster than someone who does not. Other things that can affect how long the evidence of cannabis use will linger are:

  • Your weight: generally, the heavier you are, the longer it will stay in your system
  • Frequency: the more often you use cannabis vape, the longer traces will remain present
  • Amount: using a large amount of cannabis vape will cause THC to hang around inside your body for far longer than using a small amount
  • Other drugs: some substances may cause THC to stay in your body longer, while others may clear it faster. It all depends on what you use and when. Alcohol for example is a depressant which slows the body down and will likely result in THC lingering for longer

So, How Long Does Cannabis Vape Stay In Your Body?

This question is almost impossible to answer with a great deal of accuracy. It is also not quite the question you want to be asking. What you really want to know is how long THC stays in your body. Because THC is the active ingredient in cannabis, and this is what is detected in drug tests.

Primarily, your overall health and lifestyle will dictate how long the THC from cannabis vape stays in your system. If you are a healthy weight, exercise daily, eat well, only consume small amounts, and do not use it daily, you should expect your system to be clear within two to three weeks of your last use. 


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