How The Ascent Vaporizer Works


DaVinci Ascent User Manual - Click Here



The first step is to open up the box. Inside of your Ascent Vaporizer box you will find

  • -1 Ascent Vaporizer
  • -2 Glass Mouthpiece Stems
  • -2 Glass Internal Stems
  • -2 Glass Oil Jars
  • -1 110-240v Wall Charger
  • -1 Carrying Satchel




For optimal usage, please allow the Ascent Vaporizer to have an initial 10 hour charge and subsequently a 5 hour charge. To charge, plug the wall charger into the port on the lower half of the unit.



Initial Use

Expose the heating chamber by swiveling the lower half of the vaporizer open. Fill with dry blends or place a filled oil jar in the chamber.

Power on the device by pressing the main power button located next to the mouthpiece.

Use the temperature (+) / (-) buttom to set the desired vaporizer temperature

Wait for the vaporizer to reach the selected temperature, indicated by a heat bowl appearing on the OLED display.

Start vaping either via the retractable glass mouthpiece or natively using the wide mouth rim. For best usage, take longs slow draws.



Using the Settings Menu

This digital vaporizer features 4 programmable OLED modes

Mode 1: Switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius

Press the settings button, hold for 5 seconds and release. A °F or °C symbol will appear.

Mode 2: Turn heat bowl on/off

Press setting then (-) to deactivate heat bowl.

Press setting then (+) to reactivate the heat bowl.

Mode 3: Setting the motion sensor timer

This feature allows the user to set the time for the internal motion sensor. Default time is 1:30 mins. Press the settings button 2 times to enter the setting. The timer is depicted by a clock symbol. While displayed, press (+) or (-) to adjust the timer as desired.

Mode 4: Personal vape cycle

This feature allows the user to adjust the heat bowl to run at a certain temperature for a specified time period. 3 different vape cycles may be programmed. To access, press the settings buttom 3 times. The display will show 3 temperatures and 3 times. To adjust the first vape cycle temperature, press the settings button again, once the selected temperature blinks, press (+) or (-) to adjust. Next press the settings button again to activate the timer for that specific temperature. Once it blinks press (+) or (-) to adjust. Repeat for remaining cycles.



To Clean

Simply remove the internal glass piece and the glass mouthpiece. Soak in your favorite cleansing solution or isopropyl alcohol. Rinse with water to protect pure flavor. Clean the bowl with a cotton swab and you should be good to go for another session. Enjoy!

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