How to Control Your Anxiety with Cannabis


The relationship between cannabis and anxiety is complicated. Some people feel it heightens their anxiety. Some people think it brings relief. The real answer is somewhere in the middle. 

Choosing your cannabis strain carefully is a factor, as each one contains a different content balance of cannabinoids that can heighten or ease anxiety. But few people realize that the temperature you vaporize dry cannabis flower at gives you precise control over which cannabinoids you activate. 

Below is a chart that details the specific temperatures at which cannabinoids activate. On the left is a study from 2001, on the right a PUBCHEM study from 2015.

Most vaporizers give you a broad control over your vape temp when consuming. A few, like the DAVINCI IQ2 allow for precise to-the-degree temperature control. We recommend a device like this when attempting to control which cannabinoids you activate when you vape. When choosing strains, this Leafly article has compiled some recommended strains to try and avoid. 

Best of luck with your anxiety. We hope this helps!

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