How To Get Reclaim Out Of A Rig


Does your rig look a bit off and not feel smooth anymore? Well, this might be due to an accumulation of wax. Removing this “reclaim” from your rig is an easy process that can be done quite quickly.

Taking the reclaim from your rig makes it look smooth again and can give you a lot of reusable wax from it. So, let's get to it.

What Is Reclaim?

For newbies, reclaim is a residue left on your rig after smoking. The main difference between reclaim and resin is that reclaim is wax left behind. Whereas resin is just smoke residue. With reclaim, you can still get some reusable wax back.

Reclaim collects on the joints and neck of the rig. It can make your rig smell awful, look bad and taste nasty. That’s why it’s essential to clean your rig often. The good thing is that it’s easy to clean your rig by following straightforward steps.

Is It Okay To Smoke Reclaim?

Although you can get as much as 60% of the original wax from it, it is not a good idea to smoke it. Using wax does not have the authentic, fresh taste and can lack the punch needed to get high. You’d have to smoke twice as much to get you to the same level as new wax. But, smoking reclaimed wax can be worth it to some people, so it can be helpful to know how to collect it in the right way.

How Do You Collect Reclaim From Your Rig?

Before cleaning your rig, the first thing you do is to ascertain what you’re going to do with the reclaim once you’ve collected it. That will determine how you are going to clean your rig. If you plan to smoke it, you can use water and pure alcohol. If you plan to eat the reclaim, use grain alcohol.

Steps To Collect Reclaim

1. Fill the rig halfway with grain alcohol or pure alcohol, depending on what you will do with the reclaim. It is important to note that the less alcohol you use, the faster it will evaporate, so you should gradually add alcohol if you need more.

2. Close the joint of the rig and its mouthpiece tightly, using your fingers or a towel. Shake gently from side to side.

Note that you don't have to shake the rig violently as the alcohol will quickly dissolve the wax. If the wax is a bit stubborn to remove, try letting it soak for about 30 minutes. Do not use salt if you intend to use your reclaimed wax later.

3. Pour the resulting residue on a dish and let it evaporate, as the alcohol will quickly disappear. Remember that alcohol is highly flammable, so you should carry out the process somewhere out in the open.

4.After a day, the alcohol will have fully evaporated, leaving you with the wax. Scrape out the wax and store it in a container.

In Conclusion

That's it! You should have been able to collect reclaim from your rig and have a shiny-looking rig once again. The whole process should take you about 30 minutes.

You can also try attaching a drop down to your rig: a simple device, like an ashtray, that collects reclaim on your rig. That makes it easier to collect reclaim as it does not attach itself to the rig. Instead, it attaches to the drop-down, which is easily removed after some time.

Although some people may look down on the possibility of reusing reclaim, it does make sense. If the reclaim process is done right, you will find yourself getting good-quality wax that you can reuse from time to time.


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