How To Inhale A Vape: Tips for Improving Your Vaping Performance


According to the World Health Organization, the number of smokers has steadily decreased over the last couple of years. However, the opposite is true for vaping. There is a wide variety of vaporizer devices available, including mods and vape pen kits. As more people become familiar with vaping and as more vape products are introduced on the market, there has been a sharp increase in electronic vape users, both young and old.

To the younger generation, using electronic vapesis now the norm for many, and vaping has become more than a passing trend. For older vape users, switching to vaping is a way of weaning off traditional smoking. After all, research does prove how vaping is a much safer alternative to smoking a cigarette and inhaling cigarette smoke.

How do you Inhale a Vape?

Vaping is slightly different from regular combustion smoking. But vaping techniques depend on the type of vape you’re using and the vape tank size. For example, if you are using a mod or a vape pen, your vaping experience may be a little different than with a regular device. This article will outline vaping basics, like how to properly inhale while vaping, and how you can get the most out of your vaping experience.

The Correct Way To Inhale When Using Vapes

For the ultimate vaping experience, it’s important to pace yourself throughout the vaping process and have a vaping device that is high quality.

The first step when inhaling your vape is to purse your lips around the mouthpiece on the device. Make sure you don't leave any gaps between your lips and the mouthpiece. Why? If you leave gaps between your mouth and the vape, you won't draw in the vapor and vape juice correctly, defeating the entire purpose of using your device.

After pursing your lips around the mouthpiece of your vape device, proceed to take a slow and steady draw from your vape until the vapor fills up your mouth. Hold your vape there for 3 to 5 seconds before you inhale the vapor into your lungs or exhale it through your mouth/nose.

It’s important to note that you don’t have to inhale the vapor or juice directly into your lungs, as you would if smoking, to achieve the desired effect of vaping.

Plus, with DaVinci’s Clean First technology, you can have an even smoother vaping performance, since every component in our IQ2 vape is built with medical-grade components, ensuring you never inhale harmful compounds and can experience a level of vape purity that no other vape can match.

Mouth-To-Lung Vs. Direct Lung Vaping

Now that you’re familiar with the vaping basics, let’s move on to the two main techniques you can use when vaping, depending on your electronic vape device. 

When using mouth holders while vaping, the Mouth-to-Lung technique works best for inhaling the vapor and juice. Mouth holder vapes are designed to fill your mouth with vapor before it goes to your lungs. If you want to exhale the vapor without inhaling it to your lungs, this is the vaping technique you should use.

Draw in the vapor slowly, hold it in your mouth for a couple of seconds, and open your mouth to inhale it into your lungs. You can exhale once the vapor is in your lungs. This vaping technique is ideal if you’re using electronic vapes that contain higher dosages of THC or CBD and want to be careful of how strong the vape effects are. This vaping technique is also ideal if you like to enjoy the flavor of the juice and vapor.

The other option is vape inhalers. Unlike mouth holders, vape inhalers are designed to inhale the vapor directly to your lungs instead of holding it in your mouth. With inhaler vapes, you use the Direct Lung technique to vape.

When using the Direct Lung vaping technique, you’re likely to feel the throat hit or high that most vape users crave. This vaping technique is also better suited when using larger vapes, rather than mods or vape pens, with lower doses of THC or CBD.

Regardless of the vaping and inhaling technique you use, you’ll more likely feel the effects of your vaping after roughly 30 seconds.

Common Mistakes When Inhaling While You Vape

You likely won't be a vaping expert the first time you use a vape. It takes time and practice to have an optimal vape performance. As you learn to vape, here are a few common mistakes to avoid when vaping.

Smoking a Vape like a Joint or Blunt

    The first mistake is smoking a vape like you would when smoking traditional joints or blunts. Vapes aren't designed for drag smoking or puffs. If you smoke a vape like you would a combustible smoking product, you risk inhaling the vape juice and winding up with excessive juice in your mouth, which can be a rather unpleasant experience. Remember that using vapes is different from traditional smoking.

    Using Your Vape Too Much in a Short Time Frame

      The second mistake is vaping too much in a short time. Repeated vaping over short periods may result in irritation or a sore throat from the vapor and juice. You might also burn out your taste buds, which is referred to as a vaper’s tongue. Instead, stick to 3-7 draws from the vape at a time, and give yourself at least a couple of minutes after you have inhaled for the juice to cool off.

      Improving Your Vape Performance

        Whether you’re vaping for recreational purposes or weaning yourself off smoking, it’s important to use the correct vaping technique at all times so that the performance stays optimal. Your vaping and inhaling technique will largely depend on the type of device you use. Choose a device or mod that will enhance your vaping experience. But regardless of the technique or device you use, remember to avoid short drags and puffs. Also, remember to take breaks in-between each inhale for an optimal vaping experience.


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