How to Keep Your Premium Vaporizers as Clean as A Whistle


The best way to keep your premium vaporizers functioning at top quality, is to make sure you always keep it clean and pristine. The question many customers still ask us, however, is exactly how do you do that?

The answer is different for each of our devices, as well as many of the accessories for those devices, so we will start with the most recent and work our way back!

For the IQ, we designed it to be as easy as possible to clean with as few as possible parts that you have to remove. Every time you empty out your oven to refill it with a new bowl, you can take the chimney brush we included in the IQ package and give it a quick swirl in your oven to loosen any clinging debris from your herb. You can also use the included cleaning wipes to quickly wipe off your pearl (carefully, though, as you don’t want to break the post it is on!). Check out the video below from one of our customers - Wayne Wilkin of

For deeper cleaning, you can take a q-tip with isopropyl alcohol to your oven as well. While we know you want to keep the oven looking perfect, it will stain over time and this is unfortunately unavoidable. You can check out our official video below to thoroughly clean your DAVINCI IQ Vaporizer.

The next order of business for deep cleaning your IQ is to focus on the flavor chamber. You can pull this out of your device by using the included metal pick, which you can find located right next to it. Simply place the curved end into the top of the flavor chamber and pull it out. You can then remove the lid using this same method. This allows you access to the inside, where you can again use q-tip with isopropyl alcohol to clean out any debris that has made its way inside, or to clean out any herb that you placed inside to flavor your vapor.

Below the flavor chamber you will notice a silicone gasket; beneath this gasket is a small area where debris can accumulate. You will want to use your chimney brush vigorously in this area as well as a q-tip with isopropyl alcohol, otherwise the debris will build up and your vapor will start to taste quite awful. A premium vaporizer should always produce pure, quality vapor.

Lastly, make sure your mouthpiece is clean by using another cleaning wipe. Also make sure all of the little holes in the device are clear, as you want to make sure that your vapor can make its way from the oven into your mouth. This includes the holes at the bottom of the oven, in the flavor chamber lid, and in your mouthpiece. Be careful cleaning out the holes at the bottom of the oven, though, as you don’t want to poke a hole through the bottom! To clean these holes out, you can use the pointed end of the metal pick.

Most of the accessories for the IQ are straightforward to clean, but the one that we get the most questions on is the Nectar Collector Honeybird Combo. We recommend taking some isopropyl alcohol and filling the bulb with it, then vigorously shaking to clean out any residue as well as any bacteria that might be lurking inside. Then, repeat this process a few times using water to remove any of the remaining alcohol; you definitely don’t want to taste that in your vapor!

And that’s that for the IQ! On to another premium vape - the Ascent vaporizer.

This device also only has a few parts that you have to remove. The oven is, again, simple to clean. Take a q-tip with alcohol to clean it out and you are good to go.

For the glass airway, you will want to remove both ends (removing the upper straw piece first by pulling up from the top of the device, then pushing the bottom straw piece down so you can pull it out the bottom of the device). We then recommend placing these glass pieces in hot water (not boiling, as you don’t want the glass to break) and leaving for 10-15 minutes to loosen any residue inside.

You can then take them and place them through a stream of running water, or, similar to the Nectar Collector, you can take some isopropyl alcohol, fill the tubes with it (make sure to cover the ends with your fingers so no liquid escapes) and then vigorously shake back and forth. This should make sure they are clear and clean. Lastly, you can take a q-tip with more alcohol to clean out the little holes on the bottom piece of the glass airway.

You can use this same method of cleaning for any of the other glass accessories that you can purchase for the Ascent.

Lastly, for our oldest but still beloved premium device, the DaVinci Classic, you will have to take a little bit more time to make sure this device stays clean. Firstly, the Flexi-Straw should be removed regularly. If you are lax with removing this and leave it on for an extended period of time, resin from your herb can build up and make it literally impossible to remove, to the point where it will snap in half, leaving a piece you can’t remove and you will have to send in to us. ;). Once removed, you can use a q-tip with isopropyl alcohol to swab the ends and make sure to remove any resin or debris.

Above the oven, you will find the metal upper chamber cap. This unscrews, allowing you access to the inside which you can clean with a q-tip. The cap itself has a screen that can and should be removed, which you can then either replace with a new screen or clean using some isopropyl alcohol.

Lastly, the metal oven can be swabbed out like any of other ovens by using a q-tip with alcohol. The metal screen at the bottom of the oven is removable, but can be a bit difficult to get out. You can use the metal end of the cleaning brush or even a paper clip to pry this screen out and, just like the other screen, you can either replace with a new screen or clean using some isopropyl alcohol.

Cleaning could be as easy as you think. See the video below on how one of our customers did a "deep clean" with his IQ vaporizer.

It’s really that simple to make sure all of your premium devices stay at top functioning quality just like when you first got them! It’s a real drag to have your device stop working simply because you forgot to take good care of it and make sure it stayed clean and end up having to go without it while we get it back up and running for you. To prevent that from happening, make sure you regularly clean your devices!

You don’t have to perform a deep clean every time you empty out your oven, but every few times would be recommended for peak efficiency. If you have any questions regarding the cleaning of our portable vaporizers or any other additional accessories, feel free to hop into chat on our Support page, or submit a ticket for our helpful support members to assist you with their top quality service.

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