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A microdose is equal to the threshold dose of a psychedelic—or, more plainly, the smallest dosage of a drug that still creates a discernable effect—so basically it is beneath that threshold, which results in a barely discernible effect that is subtle and insubstantially affects your mood or mindset. For marijuana, this has been nicely referred to as the sensation of being.

One of the greatest frustrations remaining from the prohibitionary legal framework that is still globally dominant is the lack of reliable dosage and ingredient information that is helpful for the many who come to their drug use with purposeful intent.

Microdosing can now empower you to achieve this sub-perceptual subtlety due to your given circumstances – whatever those might be. Because you don’t want to have to navigate the intense psychoactivity that can arise from marijuana use, which can include social anxiety and the common issue of lethargy, microdosers are readily going about their work days, running their errands, or taking care of their kids.

The effect of cannabis microdosing can be described as body functional and mind free, where the beneficial effects are present without experiencing the freakouts that can sometimes arise.

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So, how exactly can microdosing be used in a creative way? Well, for example, an artist may find themselves more creative when they are on the verge of a high before they start a project. This is applicable for the painter, the writer, or really any creative profession that you can think of!

Likewise, professionals have found themselves more productive and more focused while staying less anxious in terms of their work. Also, some people simply enjoy to use microdosing as a means of self-relief after a day of intense labor.

We oftentimes think of people who are creative as being special or unique in some way. However, creativity is inherent to everyone! And, more importantly, having a creative outlet or a way of showing our creativity is essential to our wellbeing. Moreso, research has shown that there are measurable benefits to our health of engaging in a creative activity. This can include activities like stress reduction, improvements in immune function, reduction in feelings of anxiety or depression, as well as improvements in your cognitive function are all associated with creative pursuits. Check out the video below.

You might be wondering now what you can use to experience this burst in creativity. Well, there are actually many different herbs and supplements that are known to help boost creativity. These are commonly grouped together and referred to as nootropics. A nootropic substance is anything that enhances our brain, especially in creativity, cognitive function and memory. We are going to focus on three of the most common and easily obtainable ones. You may even have some of these in your kitchen already! These three herbs are rosemary, lavender, and ashwaghandha.

You are probably quite familiar with rosemary already, as it is a common herb that many people use while cooking! However, this powerful herb goes much further than simply adding flavor to your favorite dishes. It is also extremely powerful and beneficial for your brain! 

Rosemary Herbs for Vaping

Rosemary is a stimulant to both the circulatory and nervous systems. 

It can assist with increase the blood flow to your brain, which results in improved memory as well as improved concentration. 

It also has several protective properties for your brain and may even help with preventing to prematurely decline cognitively, which can result in diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Anyone who has smelled lavender knows that there is nothing quite as relaxing? 

lavender herbs for vaping

Well, those relaxing and uplifting feeling are directly connected to your creativity! Research from the University of Japan has shown that breathing in lavender essential oil can not only reduce mental stress, but it can also increase alertness as well as reduce depression and anxiety. 

All of these factors help to establish the ideal mental environment for your creativity to thrive! One of the many ways that this is accomplished is by a reaction in the Pineal gland in the brain. 

Lavender helps to stimulate the release of melatonin, which signals to the rest of your body that it is time to relax and that you are safe. Without these worries, your creativity begins to overflow!

Ashwagandha herbs for vaping

The third herb, Ashwaghandha is one of the most heavily studied adaptogens there is. It is most known for its excellent ability to reduce stress, but it also has many other health benefits as well! 

Researchers have reported that it is capable of blocking the stress pathway in the brains of rats by regulating chemical signaling within the nervous system. In human studies, the herb has shown a 69% reduction in both anxiety and insomnia, compared to only 11% in the placebo group. 

Ashwaghandha can help your focus as well as your concentration, both of which are incredibly important when you are working on a creative project!

Now that we have given you a few herbs to use that are helpful with enhancing your creativity, we encourage you to find some kind of creative outlet! This can mean drawing, writing, dancing, singing, taking a pottery class, or anything you can think of! The possibilities are endless. Basically, if it sounds fun and lets you stretch your creative muscle, it is ultimately going to be good for you!

You too can invite nature’s subtle intelligence into your daily routine and, by doing so, you may find that using these herbs will help you overcome the anxiety, lethargy, lack of focus and even the constant chatter that can surface in the mind during meditation. This will allow you the creative focus that you so desire! So, as you consider the brief list of herbs we have provided above, make sure and choose the herb that offers you the most benefits with the strongest appeal, and experiment with taking it daily in a microdose. You can even try taking a combination of these herbs, as they have a synergistic effect that can help create the ultimate creative environment.

And, of course, you don’t have to limit yourselves to just these three herbs. You can also experiment with other herbs that are also an excellent way to treat mental fatigue and to boost your mental capacity, including lemon balm and peppermint. Being creative can make you both happier and healthier, so do your best to make sure you have a daily outlet for your creativity. You will find that you look more and more forward to your daily routine.

You can utilize our newest device, the MIQRO, for microdosing with these herbs. It allows you to use a very small amount of herb to figure out just how much you need to feel the ideal effects for your creative mindset. You don’t have to worry about using too much at once, and you can fine tune your experience to make it exactly what you are looking for. Let us know the ways that you use the MIQRO to help with making you more creative! We would love to know.

(Please note: The information that we have provided in this article is general information and not a substitute for medical care. As always, consult your own physician should you have any concerns.)

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