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We took to our Instagram Story (@davincivaporizer) to get your (random) questions for Josh from Product Dev. 

Here's the full Q&A:

IG: What is the most powerful strain you've had?

Josh: I've had a lemon meringue, from Desert Grown Farms. 

IG: Do you guys have any plans to develop a vaporizer specifically for concentrates?

Josh: We're always working on something. 

IG: With Apple removing the app from the app store, are there talks in getting an app back?

Josh: Well our current app is functional on the Google Play store, and there are other options (to work) around it like a Web App, but we are looking at options right now.

IG: Will there be a Miqro 2 that makes the already great Miqro....greater?

Josh: Yes. 

IG: Miqro II??

Josh: Yes. Miqro 2. (Laughs)

IG: Is it possible to have a bigger bowl for the next Miqro?

Josh: Yes it is possible, there will be some tradeoffs. Maybe some design changes can be made to accomodate for a bigger bowl while retaining, or perhaps improving the insulation as well. 

IG: What is the last hot sauce you made?

Josh: What is the- how do they know this?? Okay the last hot sauce I made was a "Moonshine Carolina Reaper" hot sauce. And it was delicious.

IG: When will you launch the new Davinci Miqro 2?

Josh: That is above my paygrade to answer. (Laughs)

IG: On a scale of 1 to potato, how many potatoes?

Josh: The biggest potato. Possibly a sweet potato, currently just a russet.

IG: Do you plan on making a desktop vaporizer?

Josh: Oh man. Okay, political answer: We're always working on something. (Laughs)

IG: How do you take cleaning of a device into consideration when developing products?

Josh: Ease of cleaning, exposure to alcohol, particularly materials that can absorb alcohol like silicones. Yeah, easy access and possible exposures. 


Josh: OMG. HELLA SUH DUDE! What's going on?

IG:What was the hardest thing to engineer on the IQ2?

Josh: The Airdial™. The Airdial™ was the most complicated part. That and... actually? Dosage. That was the biggest pain. 

IG: What's your favorite feature on the new vaporizer?

Josh: I like the flavor chamber, because it's a tube this time. And it's alot easier to design. (Gives thumbs up).

IG: Ask him for his brisket recipe!!

Josh: Hey! Who is this? Who are you? No. That's a secret. It's an ancient Chinese family secret. No. (Laughs)

IG: What is the biggest difference between IQ and IQ2?

Josh: Size, dosage and Airdial™. (Gives thumbs up)

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