Kicking Off The Summer with LV HempFest 2016


HempFest 2016 Las Vegas Can't Get Any Hotter Than This!

Thousands of supporters and fans stepped out into the boiling desert heat to Las Vegas Hempfest and filled their day with artwork from local artists, exploring vendor booths, and two stages featuring a mix of old school icons to new and upcoming artists. 

The day started by simply accepting that if you really wanted to be there early, in the heat and intend to stay through the evening, then it would’ve been for a real good reason. The vendor booths presented everything one would need to truly embrace this movement in an emerging, attractive and revolutionary progression of marijuana legalization. From glassware to rolling papers, from seeds to medical marijuana dispensaries, you could find what you were looking for. And learn a little bit while you are there.

The information, the tools and being able to speak to experts who, not only support a movement in our news today but as support others that believe in it too. Medizin was a main sponsor of the show and drove large efforts to spread knowledge in the medical cannabis industry. Davinci Vaporizer returned for a third visit bringing back the spinning wheel game to win cool prizes as well as their legendary Ascent portable vaporizer which delivers huge value in advancing innovation to healthier alternative options. 

Additional vendors you would expect to meet were glass sellers, cultivators, tools and information. Canna Energy drink came out and debuted an incredible hemp inspired energy drink that brings a more natural alternative that is available in three flavors. Local artists like Jeff Lewis and Azia Skeen braved the hot sun to present their masterful art just along the path next to the lake at Craig Ranch Park.

As you make your way through the village of artists you find yourself jumping in and out of the shadows cast by the sparse low leafed trees in a still very young outdoor venue. As you begin to feel that your jumping shadows approach in avoiding the direct sun is beginning to feel a bit like a hopscotch pattern, you find happiness in the parade of food trucks that lie ahead. Vendors from all approaches to food truly captivated an array of options never leaving any line longer than another. Tacos, burritos, incredible burgers, funnel cakes and snow cones, the food was on point and worth standing for a few extra minutes of heat just to have a bite.

A few big names hit the stages that drew in huge attraction throughout the entire day. On one stage ranged everywhere from small bands to an incredible Pink Floyd Experience act that truly left you feeling euphoric, and that’s without any psychedelic assistance. Let’s not forget that at the highest time of day, contestants strut the stage truly heating up an already hot event! A winner was announced at 4:20 pm but if you ask us, they were all winners.

If you attended the show to see great musicians, then you truly received an insane experience all jammed into one full day of music. Afroman hit the stage once again and rocked his double neck ax while bringing back his all times bests giving us all feel good feelings. Eric Wilson graced the stage as the original bassist from Sublime in the reunited version named Sublime with Rome and brought back hits that truly resonate in almost everyone’s mind. 

Mod Sun, Dove Shack, Legendary Too $hort and from Tha Dogg Pound, Kurupt, and Daz Dillinger killed it on stage bringing new sounds while still showing love to some of the songs other grew up to. This incredibly stacked festival went live when Dizzy Wright hit the stage and featured DJ GMBT. Dizzy’s performance presented solid energetic swagger in every step and captivated this crowd through a powerful lyrical delivery. 

This show had everything that made the 110+ heat endurance appear well worth it.

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