MICRO-DOSING – It’s Not Just A Rising Trend, It’s A Lifestyle!


Micro-dosing has always been a tendency for the older demographic and regular users, but a trend is rising of ‘first-timers’ who are trying out cannabis for the first or second time. Micro-dosing is the new way of consuming marijuana in small doses with low THC levels. It is moving away from the ‘stoner’ mentality, and more so a lifestyle incorporating marijuana. 

Cannabis  shows benefits to medical conditions such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, pain, cancer, AIDs, and many other health issues. Cannabis-use through micro-dosing allows users to skip the psychoactive effects of THC, but still receive the medical benefits and the ‘relaxed’ sensation.

Consumption can be through vaporization, smoking, ingesting, or oils. A good starting point to micro-dose is at 2.5-5 milligrams, but every person is different and it takes some experimentation. For a regular user, 1-10 milligrams is a more appropriate dose. The effects last around 2-4 hours depending on the dosage and every person varies. Vape pens, small portable vaporizers and edibles are the best for micro-dosing as you can control how much you’re ingesting. You can try the  DaVinci MIQRO vaporizer to micro-dose.

You can also try mints, candy, cannabis infused honeys and teas, etc. With more first-time users seeking out marijuana, they should start off with a much lower dosage. Too much THC can actually cause anxiety and paranoia. Like all things in life, you have to understand it in order to indulge in it, and all things are better in moderation.

As micro-dosing becomes more popular, cannabis cultivators are experimenting with strains that have equal ratio of CBD to THC, 1:1. Strains with 8-12% of THC and higher levels of CBD are extremely valuable in today’s market, whereas five years ago it would have been denied by the dispensaries. With marijuana becoming mainstream and the full legalization of several states, the trend of low doses of THC in dispensaries are in higher demand to fit all users. This market change shows the proof that micro-dosing is being accepted, even pushed by the cannabis community.

Dustin Sulak, an osteopathic physician based in Maine, conducted a study on heavy users with high tolerance. After 48 hours of abstinence, their tolerance is re-set according to Sulak. They are then allowed to micro-dose themselves as if they were new users, and the result was they were using less than half the marijuana they were before and feeling more of the beneficial effects of cannabis than when they were heavy smokers. He says, "You're saving money. If you're a smoker, you're saving smoke exposure to your lungs, and having less side effects." When people think of marijuana, they think of bongs, blazing up, and stoners. People so baked that they can’t even get off the couch. This mentality is changing because of the exposure and knowledge about cannabis with studies such as this.

With legalization through numerous states, the US has reopened the conversation to marijuana and its perception as a Schedule I drug. Users feel more comfortable coming out with their experiences of marijuana usage and avid smokers are sharing their stories. Many companies in the professional world have openly talked about using cannabis as a productivity and creative tool. Visionaries such as Richard Branson, Gary Johnson, Steve Jobs, and Ted Turner not only admit to trying cannabis, but were avid users. Some use their influential power and fortune to fight towards the legal use of marijuana.Regular users are suggesting that micro-dosing is a more beneficial route because it encourages cannabis in moderation. Easing the conversation into a place of intellect and knowledge has created curiosity for first-timers or people who’ve had negative experiences in the past to try marijuana again. Twenty years ago, the information and comprehension that  the cannabis community had is far from what it is today. It has now been cultivated and understood to where the user is now in control of their experience. The stigma against cannabis is dying. 

By micro-dosing, beginning users won’t feel overwhelmed by the ‘high’ effects, users still feel productive during their day, and medicinal users will get the benefits they’re looking for without the side effects. Users are in control, allowing themselves to access and control the part of their brains that is being triggered by marijuana rather than being over-ruled by it. Control is the key word. Control in the dosage, control in the high, and control in one’s state of mind.

Charlotte Palermino, a writer for Cosmopolitan, micro-dosed for one week and found many benefits to her day to day life. Prior, she never came out about her cannabis-use habits, but chose to write about her micro-dosing experience to ‘come out of the closet’ and spread knowledge on all the positive things marijuana has brought to her life. Her main priority was that micro-dosing doesn’t affect her productivity flow and active lifestyle, and with the lower dosed days, this was possible. She says, “Narcing myself feels risky, butalmost half of all Americans have tried weed. At this point,even most Republican senators are in favor of legalizing it. But even with the rising tide of legalization all over the US, I’ve hidden my use for years to avoid negative perceptions at work. Happy hours, not blunts, are associated with the corner office.” She’s a leading example of an avid user who is working to change the conversation of cannabis.

In a time where health has become so important, how one consumes cannabis is relevant. Many companies have taken to responsible and healthy usage of cannabis. The market is trying to shift the user experience to a lower and more moderate state. They’ve used their platform and products to spread awareness to the world that marijuana has many benefits in regulated doses. Vaping has become the new smoking because of its health benefits. It is much easier to gauge consumption compared to lighting up a joint. The  IQ vaporizer is also an ideal model for healthy consumption of marijuana. With a pure vapor path, precision control on temperature, and glass spacers that can make the bowl smaller – it creates a perfect micro- dosing session with dry herb.

Krista Whitely, Founder of Altitude Products, has created a product for inexperienced users. Her products range from CBD crèmes to edibles and flower. She says, “Mainstream consumers are seeking ways to feel better and don’t always want to feel high,” says Whitley. “Today’s consumers are seeking holistic wellness that incorporates seamlessly into their lives and busy Americans don’t have time to feel locked into their couch.” It is becoming more common that users want to use in their day-to-day lives, and still have productive work flow that doesn’t disrupt their ability to get things done.

Micro-dosing is the  new trend of using marijuana more for the benefits than the side effects. It’s not only for people facing anxiety, depression, or health issues. Micro-dosing can be exactly whatever you want it to be. You’re in control. If low levels of THC boost your creative juices or your social abilities, it can be taken just for that too. The main attraction to micro- dosing is staying away from the ‘stoned’ effect. It may not be for everyone, but can be taken as a starting point to introduce cannabis into your life, or creating an active lifestyle around your cannabis usage.

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