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Here at DaVinci, we design our vaporizers with you in mind. That being said, everyone is different, and sometimes it can be frustrating trying to figure out how to maximize your experience. With the new MIQRO, we went back to basics. This article will detail the many different things you can do with your vaporizer and provide some helpful walkthroughs to assist you with whatever you might need to do with your newest toy!

You just get your new DaVinci MIQRO in the mail, you pull it out of its carefully wrapped package and take in the simple beauty of the box design. You find the sleek and modern MIQRO nestled within, carefully extracting it. After grinding up your herb and placing it in the oven, you are ready to go.

Now, how do you turn this thing on? You press and hold the on button, it lights up, but nothing happens. What is going on? Well, for safety reasons a 5-click method has been implemented with the IQ. This means that you have to press the on button five times very quickly in order for the vaporizer to turn on. You can view how to do that here.

So, you press the on button five times fast, the display lights up – and the vaporizer turns back off. What is happening? If this happens when you try to turn the device on, this means that you need to charge the battery. Due to safety reasons, vaporizer batteries are sent with a low charge level, so when you first get your device in the mail you will want to place your vaporizer on the charger. The good thing is that you can use the device while it is charging! You can see how to charge your device here.

MIQRO vaporizer on Smart Path

From here, the device will enter the default Smart Path mode and will begin heating up. You will see the display flashing and occasionally the temperature that the vaporizer is currently at will scroll across the display. 

When the optimal temperature has been reached, the display will stop flashing and become solid, meaning you are ready to start vaping!

You bring the vaporizer to your mouth, take a long drag, and then exhale. Nothing comes out. “Is this thing working?” you say as you shake the vaporizer in frustration. The problem here is most likely how you have ground and/or packed your herb. 

You want to make sure that you pack the oven fully and pretty tightly. Also make sure that the herb is ground medium, but not too finely, otherwise it will escape through the holes in the oven! See how to pack your oven properly here.

Now that your oven is properly packed, you lift the vaporizer to your lips again and find that the flat mouthpiece has become quite hot. This is an easy fix! Simply switch out the flat mouthpiece for the extended mouthpiece and you will be good to go! This mouthpiece is more like a straw, so it can be easier for some people to us, while slightly less discreet. To see how to switch out the mouthpieces properly, click here.

You’re looking at your vaporizer, it feels like it is getting pretty warm in your hand, but the temperature is only going up to 150 degrees. That doesn’t seem right, and that is certainly not hot enough to vaporize your herb! Is the device broken? The answer is no.

When this happens, it means you may have unintentionally switched the vaporizer from Fahrenheit to Celsius. To switch it back, click all three buttons on the side of the vaporizer once, while it is on. This will switch the temperature mode and show the temperature you are used to seeing. The above video is a visual of how to perform this action.

You look back down at your vaporizer and the screen has become darker than normal and is a little hard to see. “Is the battery dying?” you think to yourself. The answer is very simple: the brightness has been dimmed! To brighten it back up, just click the on button and the up button once at the same time. Likewise, if you want to dim the lights, press the on button and the down button simultaneously. To see a video of how to do this, check it out here.

Now, without further ado, we will now go over our 3 tips for how to maximize your experience with the MIQRO.

1. Always make sure that the herb is fresh, is not ground too finely, and is packed fully and tightly. If the herb is brown in color or smells off, this means it is time to empty out the oven and pack it with some new, fresh herb.

MIQRO packed with herbs

2. Always make sure that your vaporizer is fully charged. There is nothing worse than being out and about and wanting to use your vaporizer only to find that it doesn’t have enough charge to turn on and now you’re not able to get a quick session in. Thankfully the MIQRO does come with an extra battery, so if you keep it fully charged you can switch out the dead battery for the fully charged one! You can see how to do that here.

MIQRO battery inserted

3. The last tip is to find the ideal temperature that works for you. By default, most people think turning the vaporizer on to the maximum temperature is the best way to get lots of vapor. While this can be true, this will also use your herb up the fastest and you will not be getting everything out of your herb that you could otherwise. 

MIQRO vaped with herbs using precision control

There are different properties that you can get from your herb depending on the temperature you are using. For example, vaping at a lower temperature is best for calming and relieving anxiety, while still leaving you aware and active. View the benefits of all our pre-set temperature ranges here.

Now depending on your usage, every now and then, your vaporizer might just do something funny that you can’t get it to stop doing. This could mean that the screen froze while showing you the battery level, or something similar. The easiest way to resolve this issue and get your vaporizer functioning like normal again, all you have to do is perform a quick factory reset. See a video on how to do this properly..

These helpful walkthroughs should make your DAVINCI vaping experience one that is memorable for all the right reasons. We want you to enjoy using your new MIQRO as much as we enjoyed designing it for you with you in mind. If you still have questions about things that we might not have gone over, make sure you check out our FAQ page as it goes into detail on a large number of other topics. You can also check out our YouTube channel as that has the library of all of our walkthroughs and informative videos for you to watch at your leisure.

If you find that you still need help even after watching our walkthroughs, our support team is a click away and ready to answer your questions and help get your vaporizer back up and running.

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